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Supplement Reviews

  • MAX's BetaPump Black Review



    I think the team at MAX’s came up with the ‘Lab Series’ branding because ‘Mad Scientist Division’ is too accurate. Wow! Max's BetaPump Black definitely delivers as far as a pre workout, pump intensifier goes!


    Taste and Solubility –

    So for the test, we were using the ‘Green Apple’ flavour. Taste is on point with this. I want to say, long gone are the days of horrible tasting pre-workouts. Having a tasty pre-workout is great. Having one that mixes well is better. Have both? Winning! That’s exactly what we’ve got here.


    Breakdown –

    Ok, so first glance at the packaging and you’ve got two options, single or double scoop. With an abbreviated breakdown of both choices, handy right?

    I like that MAX’s have put this on their label as they have addressed the fact that some (most) of us double scoop our pre-workout. Also having the option of low and high stim saves the consumer from buying two different pre-workouts.

    For the breakdown I’m just going to address some key ingredients here.

    Caffeine (163/325mg)

    The start of most pre workouts begins with good ol’ caffeine. With a single scoop equivalent to 2 cups of coffee this is great for those who are caffeine sensitive. Whereas the double scoop has the equivalent to being a university student with an assignment due the next day. 325mg will be enough to wake up your average gym goer.

    Citrulline Malate (1000mg), L-Arginine HCL (750 mg) & Agmatine Sulfate (400mg)

    Now I’ve grouped these three together as they are the main antagonist in giving you that skin splitting pump you’re chasing everyday in the gym. With a generous dosing of each, this tri-fecta will widen your veins (vasodialate), getting more blood & oxygen into your muscles. Also carrying essential nutrients for muscle growth, these 3 will have you leaving the gym with a sense of accomplishment & the almighty pump!

    L-Tyrosine (500mg)

    In the body, Tyrosine is converted into L-DOPA, which is then converted into noradrenaline & adrenaline (norepiniphren & epinephren respectively).

    BASICALLY what this means is that these two hormones are released when your body is in a ‘fight or flight’ situation. Which translates into, it should make you more focused & responsive while you’re training.

    Beta-Alanine (1600mg)

    Another staple in every pre-workout & the culprit behind that ‘tingly’ feeling you either hate or love. With the dosing of this, you definitely feel the tingles within about 5-10 minutes of taking Betapump. Supplementation of beta-alanine is supposedly beneficial in decreasing fatigue in athletes and increasing overall work done.


    Cons –

    For me personally, on paper, 325mg of caffeine seemed like a decent amount. However while training, I never really got the feeling that I had just taken in so much of it. Although I was able to get through multiple training sessions, I still felt as if I was missing the intensity. Now I do recognise that this could have been from me as well, which is why I used BetaPump as my sole PWO for an entire training week.


    Value For Money –

    For a popular, well known and well respected brand such as MAX’s, they have made Betapump surprisingly affordable. Sitting well under a dollar p/scoop (30 serve), this is a great PWO for a younger lifter who is new to the gym, or anyone who is money conscious looking for great value!


    Conclusion –

    Overall, BetaPump did deliver great results, time after time. Although it was lacking what can only be described as ‘pushing the nitrous button’ level of intensity, there was still a high level of focus & drive to each workout. For me, BetaPump is a great weekday PWO where you can scoop it at night and still get to bed without staring at your ceiling.

    If you're keen on trying it out for yourself (and I recommend it), head on over to the Max's BetaPump Black page.

  • C4 Cellucor Pre Workout Review

    Cellucor C4 is a pre workout designed by Cellucor that is meant to provide explosive energy and focus, and it lives up to this promise.

    Past Experiences

    Before taking C4, I had only tried one other pre workout supplement before. My biggest frustration with this supplement was that it was quite unpredictable, regardless of the dosage. On some days I would take 1 serving and feel the full effect, while on others I went a little over 1 and still didn’t get any type of effect. This left my workouts feeling dreadful and brutal, since I was left with no energy.

    Another thing that bothered me was the taste. It was chalky, and made it hard to swallow sometimes. Now while this is a luxury and not at all impactful on performance, most supplements nowadays to focus on also providing great tasting mixtures, which is a way to boost ratings and overall happiness from their customers. Not having a great tasting supplement may not matter to some, but for others it can certainly damper the effects a little, since you don’t exactly look forward to taking it.

    Explosive Energy? That Doesn’t Even Begin To Describe It

    After finishing off my prior pre workout, I hesitated on buying another one. I didn’t want to run the risk of wasting more money, since I am on a tight budget. But, I had seen excellent all around reviews for C4, so I decided to give the pre workout market one more shot.

    C4 did not disappoint.

    The energy I get from this supplement is amazing, and it doesn’t make me crazy or uncomfortable. I feel very focused, and can see a significant improvement in not only the amount of weight I am lifting, but also with the control and technique I am demonstrating during my training sessions. This is very important to me as a personal trainer, since I wanted a pre workout that also wouldn’t make me just go around like a madman and sacrifice form.

    On top of that, the Blue Razz flavour tastes incredible! Instead of dreading the moment where I have to down the supplement, I now actually look forward to it! This is great because it shows that I not only look forward to the taste, but I am now also 100% sure that I will feel the effects I want (and sometimes need!) when I take C4. Cellucor did an excellent job with the ingredient combination in this supplement, and it is no wonder that the reviews for this supplement have been off the chart.

    My overall rating is 9/10.. and the only reason that it didn’t make the 10/10 mark is because I’m cheap and wish that I could feel those effects with just a half a scoop, so that it would last longer!

    Some Things to Consider

    While I loved this pre workout, I am still a rookie when it comes to taking these types of supplements. I just started trying them out, and C4 has quickly set a high standard.

    But there are some things to be wary of when reading this review from my perspective. I wanted to list some off:

    • Pre workout vs BCAAs: While C4 gives me great energy, I also have taken Optimum Nutrition’s “Essential AminN.O. Energy.” With this supplement, I actually felt similar effects, as well as the numerous amounts of benefits BCAAs bring to the table. Because of this, I still debate whether or not the pre workouts are even necessary, since BCAA supplements can provide the same effect.
    • Very Little Competition: I have only taken 1 other pre workout supplement before this one, which means that I am largely unaware of what the other supplements will do for me personally. As a result, C4 had the ability to set not only a high standard, but a standard that hasn’t really been tested yet.
    • More Than 1 Flavour: C4 comes in a variety of flavours, and I just chose the highest rated one. Some of you may not like that one, but like others. The fact of the matter is that everyone is unique, and so you should select the flavour that sounds the best to you. But don’t immediately conclude that any flavour will taste amazing, just because I said one does.
    • You Are A Unique Individual: Finally, you need to understand that while any supplement may have super high ratings, your body will react differently. You may not feel anything at all, may hate the taste, etc. That’s just the truth. You need to do your own experimenting to find out what works best for YOU, instead of just falling for clever advertising and assuming that everyone will receive “Explosive Energy.”
  • Rival Us Rival Protein Review

    RivalUs Rival Whey has made its way into our spotlight. Coming all the way from Canada & boasting ‘zero banned substances’ we take a look at this whey protein & what else it has to offer!

    Taste & Solubility -

    RivalUs mixed amazingly easy & we even put the ‘7 second stir & drink’ (Which is printed on the packaging) to the test. It passed!

    The texture was smooth to drink, however, with low carb and low fat content it was expected to be on the ‘watery’ side. As always, taste is definitely a subjective topic, however for me there was nothing that stood out flavour wise. For the review, we sampled ‘Soft-Serve Vanilla” & scored a 3/5.

    Breakdown –

    RivalUs Whey Protein is definitely directed towards athletes and individuals who are serious about their sport and well-being. With a 28.9-gram scoop size (As per the label), 24g is made up of protein isolates, concentrates & hydrolystaes. Making this a powerful and fast acting post workout recovery shake!

    Take that and add in the Leucine (2.6g), Isoleucine (1.6g) & Valine (1.5g) BCAAs, you’ve got yourself a great muscle building protein.  The low fat, low carb & low calories in this shake make it appealing to anyone who is trying to get and/or stay lean.

    Cons –

    Maybe I’m a little spoiled when it comes to protein, but I’m someone who has a sweet tooth and I love a shake that makes me feel like I’m cheating, even when I’m not! Unfortunately with the RivalUs Protein, although it had a creamy taste, I still felt the texture was ‘watered down’.

    However, if you’re in it for the benefits and don’t care what it tastes like, throw it down the hatch as quickly as you can to start your recovery after training!


    Conclusion –
    The product that RivalUs has delivered is a great lean protein! For anyone who is looking to trim down in weight and do it as clean as possible, RivalUs would be the way to go. A fast acting, clean protein that is true to the label! Get in store and try a sample for yourself and let us know what you think!

  • Giant Sports BCAA Review

    GIANT SPORTS – Giant BCAA (12:1:1 Ratio)

    Giant sports have made their impact on the supplement industry with their ‘Delicious Protein Elite’ & ‘Delicious Casein’ products. After their great success, Giant Sports have branched out into other supplement categories. We previously reviewed ‘Giant Rush’ which was their pre-workout/fat burner. Now they’ve come back with their Giant Sports BCAA intra-workout supplement. So, lets get into it then, shall we?

    Taste & Solubility -

    This is a big one for Giant Sports. Having to compete with their ‘Delicious’ range of proteins and caseins, nailing flavour is now an expectation. For the review we sampled Pineapple (also available, Green Apple & Watermelon). Taste is definitely a personal judgement; as for me I prefer my intra-workout to not be overly sweet. Although an easy way to overcome this is to just add more water (tips & tricks ladies and gents). The actual taste itself was quite accurate, which is nice. As far as solubility goes, the whole shake went down a treat with no clumpy bits or grainy texture. Overall, this section scores a 4/5. Really pleasing to drink!

    Breakdown –

    So, the biggest selling point for the Giant BCAA’s is the 12:1:1 ratio. Boasting a Leucine heavy dosage per scoop (6g Leucine, 500mg Isoleucine & 500mg Valine). Now we all know the importance of Leucine in regards to bodybuilding (protein synthesis, reduce fatigue etc.), which is why this ratio stands out so much.

    The scoop breakdown is as follows –

    Leucine – 6000mg

    Isoleucine – 500mg

    Valine – 500mg

    Vitamin B6 – 1.3mg

    Sodium – 40mg

    Potassium – 120mg

    Now this is all available on the back of the product, which means that there are no proprietary blends, winning! While we’re on the subject of winning, this is also banned substance free! Which is great for anyone competing in any type of sport who is concerned about what type of supplements they are taking.

    Cons –

    There aren’t many cons when it comes to this product. However the first that jumps to mind would be the price factor. Most BCAAs tend to go for about $1 p/scoop, with Giant BCAA sitting at about $1.33 p/scoop. This isn’t unreasonable when you factor in the big name brand, along with the breakdown of the actual product. However, we can see how this may throw some people off. Secondly, and this may have influencing factors, but there seemed to be a slight chemical aftertaste when drinking the BCAAs. Whether it was the shaker I was drinking it out of or the water fountain at my gym was producing some funky fluids, I couldn’t help but shake the aftertaste. However, when you’ve got a supplement with less fillers & additives (bonus), the trade off is the flavour may become overpowered by other factors (no bonus).

    Value for Money –

    Sitting at roughly $1.33 p/scoop, this does not seem unreasonable. It does sit on the mid to high range of the scale. However as stated above, when you factor in the name that backs the product & the Leucine heavy blend, it seems a fair price to pay.

    Conclusion –
    Overall, the aftertaste wasn’t that bad. It was pleasant to drink & great to have during workouts. Whether it was placebo or not, the extra Leucine definitely made me feel like I could go that ‘extra bit’ during my training! Giant Sports are on a roll so far with their products! Smashing it out of the park with Giant Rush & now rolling out GIANT BCAA, it seems that Giant Sports are a Giant 2 for 2 with their Giant products they’ve put forward to review. Now, the word Giant is starting to sound funny in my head. Get down to our shop for a taste test and judge it for yourself!

  • Rule 1 Product Review

    Rule 1 – Protein (Isolate)

    Rule One Proteins has hit Australia! Coming over from the States, Rule 1 is still relatively new to the market & is squeezing its way onto our shelves.


    Taste & Solubility -

    Rule 1 mixed extremely well in the shaker. With no fillers, creamers or gums there was little to make it clumpy. The texture was smooth to drink, however a little on the ‘watery’ side. This is an unfortunate downside to having such a clean and pure protein.

    Taste is definitely a subjective topic, however for me there was no real WOW factor. For the review, we sampled ‘Lightly Salted Caramel” & overall scored a 3.5/5.


    Breakdown –

    R1 Protein is one of the purest whey proteins available with having almost no fat or carbs and zero creamers or gums in it. R1 Protein is largely composed mainly of whey protein isolate, with whey protein hydrolysate making up a small portion of total protein.

    In each 29 gram scoop, there are 25 grams of protein made up from various BCAAs, making this a potent and powerful post workout shake. The low carb, no fat & fast acting protein mix is great for anyone trying to lean down or keep off unwanted fat. With only 100 calories per serve, this shake will definitely fit into your daily macros!


    Cons –

    The biggest downside to Rule 1 Protein is the watery texture and lacklustre flavour. Although drinkable, there’s nothing better than having an amazing tasting post workout drink to reward your hard work! Unfortunately this doesn’t deliver that. However, for the serious trainer who is concerned about quality, flavour is rarely a concern anyway.


    Value for Money –

    Rule 1 Protein sits roughly at $2 p/scoop, which for a WPI of this calibre is actually quite reasonable, beating many other competitors in the price department.


    Conclusion –

    Rule 1 Protein has its pros and cons, which can go either way depending on an individual’s preference. The high protein content makes it great for recovery after exercise. Along with the lack of creamers and gums making it a clean source of nutrition, Rule 1 Protein definitely sets itself apart from the rest of the herd. However, as always, the best way is to come in and try it for yourself!

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