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Supplement Reviews

  • Rule 1 R1 Protein Product Review

    Rule 1 – Protein (Isolate)

    Rule One Proteins has hit Australia! Coming over from the States, Rule 1 is still relatively new to the market & is squeezing its way onto our shelves.


    Taste & Solubility -

    Rule 1 mixed extremely well in the shaker. With no fillers, creamers or gums there was little to make it clumpy. The texture was smooth to drink, however a little on the ‘watery’ side. This is an unfortunate downside to having such a clean and pure protein.

    Taste is definitely a subjective topic, however for me there was no real WOW factor. For the review, we sampled ‘Lightly Salted Caramel” & overall scored a 3.5/5.


    Breakdown –

    R1 Protein is one of the purest whey proteins available with having almost no fat or carbs and zero creamers or gums in it. R1 Protein is largely composed mainly of whey protein isolate, with whey protein hydrolysate making up a small portion of total protein.

    In each 29 gram scoop, there are 25 grams of protein made up from various BCAAs, making this a potent and powerful post workout shake. The low carb, no fat & fast acting protein mix is great for anyone trying to lean down or keep off unwanted fat. With only 100 calories per serve, this shake will definitely fit into your daily macros!


    Cons –

    The biggest downside to Rule 1 Protein is the watery texture and lacklustre flavour. Although drinkable, there’s nothing better than having an amazing tasting post workout drink to reward your hard work! Unfortunately this doesn’t deliver that. However, for the serious trainer who is concerned about quality, flavour is rarely a concern anyway.


    Value for Money –

    Rule 1 Protein sits roughly at $2 p/scoop, which for a WPI of this calibre is actually quite reasonable, beating many other competitors in the price department.


    Conclusion –

    Rule 1 Protein has its pros and cons, which can go either way depending on an individual’s preference. The high protein content makes it great for recovery after exercise. Along with the lack of creamers and gums making it a clean source of nutrition, Rule 1 Protein definitely sets itself apart from the rest of the herd. However, as always, the best way is to come in and try it for yourself!

  • Giant Sports Giant Rush Review



    Giant Rush…well I’m not going to lie, the name says it all. This power packed pre workout, with only 3 main active ingredients mind you, will take your training session on one wild ride!

    Taste and Solubility –

    So for the test drive, I went with the ‘Raspberry Rush’ flavour and I was very surprised with the taste, it almost reminded me of a non-fizzy creaming soda, so a big bonus there!

    I was pleased to not have any grainy bits, it mixed extremely well and went down a treat!

    Breakdown –

    As I said above, Giant Rush only has 3 active ingredients which are: Anhydrous Caffeine (200 mg), Kigelia Africana Extract (125mg) & Dried White Tea Leaf extract (Bai Mudan) (25mg).

    Now the big star is the Kigelia extract which gives us DMHA, which is the new substitute for DMAA, which many of you will remember was banned from many pre workouts.

    DMHA is similar in many ways, and in some aspects more beneficial. Couple the intense focus, increased strength, elevated mood from DMHA with the 200mg of caffeine per serve and you have yourself a very potent pre workout.

    At first glance, seeing 3 ingredients on the list I was a little worried whether or not It would be enough to fuel my workout, but Giant Rush has proved “Less is More”.

    *Note, while testing this I accidentally used x2 servings because I didn’t read the fine print on the sample packet which read “x2 servings per packet”. Read the label kids.

    Anhydrous Caffeine – 200mg p/serve

    Caffeine is a staple in any pre workout and 200mg is enough to give you the up and go to have an amazing gym session, but also not too much that it will keep you up at night. As always, know your limits if you’re sensitive to caffeine.

    Kigelia Africana Extract (DMHA) – 125mg p/serve

    DMHA is definitely the star of this pre-workout as we now, after 4 long years have something that can replace DMAA, which was banned from pre-workout products around 4 years ago.

    Apart from giving amazing focus, drive, determination and overall making your feel somewhat ‘invincible’, DMHA may also help with increasing ‘Episodic Memory’, which basically means it may help you remember how you solved previous problems, increasing your productivity.  This, along with anti-fungal properties & potentially treating Urinary Tract Infections shows that DMHA is more than a one-trick pony stimulant.

    I think it’s safe to say the 125mg dosing is more than enough along with the 200mg of caffeine, these two alone create the powerful pre-workout!

    Bai Mudan White Tea - 25mg p/serve

    Bai Mudan is a variety of white tea made from the younger leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant that gives a fuller, more rounded flavour than the other well-known form of white tea Bai Ho Yinzhen.

    White tea leaves contain caffeine, although much less compared to coffee beans. Benefits of regular tea consumption are pretty straight forward in regards to fat burning and overall health. The Bai Mudan in Giant Rush may assist with fat burning.

    Having 3 active ingredients, which are predominantly, derived from plant extracts, with such a big impact…just wow. It’s nice to have a supplement that has NOT gone over the top with ingredients.

    Cons –

    Although packing a punch, this is a high stim pre-workout, so for those who are sensitive, this may be a little bit too much to handle.

    Also, going back to me mistakenly taking x2 scoops, I’m still wide awake at midnight writing this review when having taken it at about 5pm. This is almost a pro and con, at least I’m getting stuff done right?

    Lastly, the lack of vasodilators doesn’t exactly deliver a skin ripping pump like some other pre-workouts. Giant Rush will actually make you work for the pump!

    Value For Money –

    Sitting roughly above $1 p/serve, value for money is actually quite reasonable for a high stim PWO. However if this was my main pre-trainer, I would see myself stacking this with a non-stim vasodilator. In my opinion, this is what you need to really create the “full package” of skin splitting pump and an intensity of the gods type of workout.

    Conclusion –

    Well, to say the least, Giant Sports has given us DMHA for all of those still reliving the glory days of DMAA and still chasing the feeling of it. For this we thank Bruce Kneller for giving this gift back to the fitness industry!

    Giant Rush will give you just that, especially after 2 scoops! This is a no-bull PWO and will give you a kick up the a** to get sh*t done, to put it bluntly.

    Focus, intensity, power, drive, motivation, sweat and hard work is what it will empower you to do, at what I believe to be a fair price for something that tastes quite nice!

    Make sure you come in and try it out and let us know what you think.

    Now, I’m off to go deep clean my house and run around the block a few times until this wears off.

    Click here to grab Giant Rush from our store!

  • Pro Supps Mr Hyde Review


    Pro Supps Mr Hyde is on our shelves and is flying off them as quick as they come in, so I’ve decided to go out and put this pre workout to the test and see what so special about it!

    The reason why PS has been able to produce such a potent energising pre workout is due to the fact that instead of trying to mix a supplement for ‘The Pump’ and energy, PS have split these two defining factors into two different supplements (Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde). Each one specifically focusing on one main goal. In saying that, Mr Hyde isn’t just full of caffeine and off you go, I’ll dive into that in just a bit, but for now, let’s get to the good stuff!


    For the product testing, we had Mango Passionfruit, however there are a wide variety of flavours within the range.

    Pre-workouts aren’t known for their flavour, however the Mango Passionfruit flavour is hands down, THE BEST tasting pre workout supplement I have ever taken! Even when mixed with extra supplements (Agmatine Sulfate, L-Carnatine, D-Aspartic Acid & Creatine HCI) to give an added boost, the flavour did not falter! When taken on its own, it dissolved easily in water with no ‘grainy bits’ left at the bottom of the shaker.

    So first of all, one of the big factors I like about Mr. Hyde is that they don’t ‘hyde’ their ingredients behind a ‘proprietary blend’. Which, if you’re someone who likes to know exactly what & how much of something is going into your body, IE all of us, this is extremely helpful to know.

    Now Mr. Hyde, being the ‘Energiser Bunny’ of the two Pro Supps Pre Workouts, it’s chock full of caffeine to give you that boost you need before a big session with a whopping 300mgs per serve! However, the most amazing part about this is the fact that there is no ‘crash’ that a lot of Pre-workouts tend to give you.

    As I’ve said earlier, there’s more to Hyde than just caffeine, so I’ll go through those for you just now:

    Beta-Alanine – 2500 mgs:
    Increases Aerobic endurance so you can train harder for longer
    Creatine HCI – 1000 mgs:
    Ahh creatine, the old fan favourite! The HCI chain doesn’t have the same ‘bloating’ effects commonly seen with creatine monohydrate. Which means you’ll look more vascular and have a more defined or ‘hard’ appearance.
    L-Leucine 500 mgs:
    L-Leucine is considered to be the most important amino acid in bodybuilding as it is the principal AA in regulation protein synthesis in our muscles.
    L-Citruline Malate 500 mgs:
    L-Citruline Malate helps to reduce fatigue and improve Aerobic & Anaerobic endurance to allow you to train for longer.
    Agmatine Sulfate 500 mgs:
    Agmatine is derived from L-Arginine, which many know to give great pumps while exercising. Agmatine has these properties, and may also protects the brain from toxins and strokes.
    Caffeine Matrix 419 mgs:
    The best for last, with the most obvious use. This is definitely the fun stuff and the star of the show!

    Judging by this impressive mix of ingredients, we can see Mr. Hyde isn’t just a one trick pony with the caffeine, however it also has some other great supplements for amazing pumps and longer, more focused Workouts!

    For first time users, the tub does have a disclaimer to leave a buffer of at least 5-6 hours from taking before going to bed as this is such a potent pre-workout. Personally I would start with half a scoop to test your tolerance, and them ramp it up to a full scoop from there.
    In all honesty, with taking Mr. Hyde, i have had one of the best Workouts I’ve had in a long time. With focus, energy and endurance all at their peak, I was able to push bigger numbers than usual and train for longer. The part I liked the most, the effects did NOT wear off after continual use. Each time was as potent as the first, which is obviously important as other products tend to lose their potency after constant use.

    I’m not one for negativity, but there’s always two sides to a coin. So for My. Hyde, it’s biggest feature may also turn some users off the product. As it is high in stimulants, some people have been known to actually have the reverse effect and instead of a boost of energy, the opposite may occur and may experience fatigue. This may be caused by stressed out adrenal glands from potentially excessive coffee or stimulant consumption throughout the day. Apart from getting the ‘tingles’ from Beta-Alanine and feeling wired after taking Mr. Hyde, there’s honestly not much else negative to say!

    The price of a quality workout, time and time again...well, there is no price for that as that means more gains and bigger pumps! This is exactly what Mr. Hyde delivers. For a 30 serve PWO, you are paying a little but more than average, however, from the field test, we’ve discovered that Hyde is anything BUT average! For the price you pay, you’re getting bigger and better Workouts and to us, I think that’s what’s important

    Mr. Hyde is not for the faint hearted. With its packed ingredients list, caffeine content and the ability to turn your workout into the likes which you’ve never had before. For those that want an explosive Pre-Workout that’s going to push them to their limits and take them beyond, Mr. Hyde is what you need in your life. Right. Now! If you’re coming in store or shopping online for a strong pre-workout, you know what to look for!

  • Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA Review

    Optimum Nutrition have just released their brand new product in Australia, "Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA". It's the third addition to the "Gold Standard" range following the original whey protein blend and the more recent GS pre-workout.

    With Optimum Nutrition being one of the biggest brands in the world, there has been a lot of hype surrounding the new BCAA release. The question is whether or not it lives up to all this anticipation.


    If you've ever tried straight BCAA powder, you'll know how potent the taste can be (akin to rocket fuel). BCAA formulations do have the added challenge of masking such an unpleasant taste.

    For the review, we trialed both the strawberry kiwi and the cranberry lemonade flavours. Both flavours were particularly pleasant. The cranberry lemonade was sweet and very drinkable, while the stawberry kiwi was perhaps not as sweet but tasted as the name suggests - a blend of strawberry and kiwi. If I were to pick one word that comes to mind after tasting these, it would be "refreshing".

    Neither one of these flavours had a poor aftertaste or had that unpleasant "artificial" taste from artificial sweeteners.

    Personally I cannot fault the taste - both are very drinkable intra-workout and it seems that ON has nailed these two flavours. But my favourite of the two would be the cranberry lemonade which isn't all that common amongst supplement flavours so kudo's to ON for trying something new (and pulling it off).

    Worth noting, the ON Gold Standard BCAA also comes in fruit punch and watermelon flavours.


    Ever tried mixing straight BCAA's with water? Not an easy task to accomplish!

    Following the serving directions (1 scoop = 10g in 300mL of water), there was no issue in terms of solubility when shaken in a shaker bottle. The main reason for this is due to the presence of the lecithin which acts as an emulsifier to aid in solubility.

    I'd recommend checking out the video component here so you can see visually how well this one mixes. There was very little sediment remaining and so this did meet my expectations.

    Nutritional Breakdown

    Something interesting to note is that this is now the third BCAA product in the Optimum Nutrition family. They have their standard Optimum Nutrition BCAA 5000 powder (a straight BCAA unflavoured product) and they also have the Optimum Nutrition Pro BCAA (available in both unflavoured and flavoured varieties).

    Obviously the Gold Standard BCAA powder comes only in flavoured varieties, so although it is similar to the Pro BCAA product, there are some differences in terms of BCAA's per serve, glutamine and secondary ingredients.

    The Gold Standard BCAA's have 5g of BCAA's in a 2:1:1 ratio (L-Leucine : L-Isoleucine : L-Valine). 2:1:1 is the most well studied ratio of branched chain amino acids which has been shown to aid in hypertrophy and recovery. BCAA's are traditionally taken during your training session, as well as pre/post-workout.

    The secondary ingredients include Magnesium/Sodium/Potassium, Vitamin C, Bakers Yeast Beta Glucan ("Wellmune") and Rhodiola Extract (root). Personally I'm not aware of any other BCAA supplements on the market with this particular combination.

    Magnesium/Sodium/Potassium are electrolytes which do need replenishing when you are exercising. You'll find these in sports drinks and they do aid in re-hydration. This has been a wise move by Optimum to enhance hydration and endurance during a training session.

    Beta Glucan has been demonstrated to have wide-spread immune system benefits. While you're not likely to experience performance benefits here, it may help in keeping you fit and healthy (ultimately a good thing because as we know, training consistently is the key to outstanding results). Vitamin C also benefits the immune system but admittedly with just 9mg of Vitamin C in here, any benefit is going to be negligible (you'll get more by eating a piece of fruit).

    Rhodiola Extract may aid with athletic performance, the immune system and recovery.

    Worth noting, they use sucralose as the sweetening agent.

    In summary, the nutritional composition is quite sound. Obviously the main BCAA component is there with some sound supporting ingredients.

    Value for Money

    This isn't a cheap product and for 30 serves you're paying around the $50 mark. BCAA's are not cheap to source in the first place, but you are paying just under $1.80 a serve.

    One thing you do need to keep in mind is that you are paying for the ON brand who are very transparent in their ingredient make-up (no proprietary blends) and they are also third-party tested by Informed-Choice.

    Ultimately you are paying a bit more for a premium product. Would I personally pay this amount? Yes I would because it is a quality product which tastes fantastic. But what I am hoping is that ON bring out a larger 90 serve tub size to offer a lower price per serve.


    It's a great product. Optimum Nutrition have done exceptionally well in living up to their "gold" standard. The flavours are great (critical during your training session) and the products mix well. Nutritional breakdown is sound too. As mentioned, it's not the cheapest product on the market, but it is a very good quality product and one worth recommending.

    Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard BCAA gets 4.5/5!

  • Dedicated Unstoppable Review

    Dedicated Nutrition has just hit the our shores with their Australian début, Unstoppable. With such a bold name, it comes with little surprise that this is (yet another) pre-workout supplement in an already saturated segment of the Austrailan bodybuilding market. Ever since the banning of DMAA (and subsequently Jack3d being knocked off its perch), there hasn't really been one definitive pre-workout to capture the majority of the market. But this new entry may just have what it takes to be a serious contender.

    There has been a lot of hype surrounding this Canadian produced product. According to the official Australian distributors (Flush Fitness), it is the number one selling pre-workout in all of Europe. So as you can imagine, we were keen to get this product in stock and put it to the test!

    So let's get into the nitty gritty of Dedicated Unstoppable shall we?


    For the review, we tried the mango strawberry version (however the product also comes in orange). Mango strawberry isn't all that common amongst supplements but admittedly it was very pleasant for a pre-workout. In fact it tasted like a tropical fruit punch and was very drinkable.

    While admittedly pre-workouts are not typically consumed for their taste, this certainly has to be one of the better in the category.


    Possibly the biggest issue with pre-workout products are the fact that they just don't completely dissolve. While Unstoppable is reasonably good, you can expect a few minor grains at the bottom of your shaker bottle. Overall it does mix quite nicely for a pre-workout and there are no major issues here.

    Nutritional Breakdown

    Let me just begin by highlighting the fact that I love the degree of transparency of the labelling on this tub. All too often manufacturers hide ingredient compositions by formulating "proprietary blends". (Yes, this is a pet peeve of mine!) This most certainly is not the case for Unstoppable with every ingredient listed individually and transparently, with a corresponding amount per serving (and per 100g).

    In terms of the nutritional composition, this is where this product becomes really exciting. It is innovative and very different to anything else currently on the Australian market.

    As in almost all pre-workouts, there's caffeine (225mg per serve, in the form of 175mg caffeine anhydrous and 50mg di-caffeine malate). There's really not that much special about this as it is a fairly stock-standard serving amount.

    Let's briefly run through the other core ingredients and their associated benefits:

    • Trimethylglycine Nitrate - enhances muscular volume (the pump) and aids in the decrease of fatigue
    • N-Carbamyl-Glutamate - helps boost muscle protein synthesis
    • Glycerol Monostearate - enhances water uptake into muscle tissue enhancing muscle volume
    • L-Norvaline - enhances blood flow and vascularity
    • Rhodiola Rosea extract - enhancing endurance capacity and stamina
    • Calcium/Sodium/Potassium phosphates - minerals that are beneficial for cell hydration and the performance of muscle fibres
    • Hidenamine - enhancing energy and blood flow
    • Hordenine - enhances blood flow
    • Selaginella tamariscina extract - enhances energy, blood flow and muscle contractions
    • Vitamin C - immune benefits and may improve performance
    • Astragalus & Panax Notoginseng extract - enhances nutrient absorption
    • Cocoa extract - enhances NO production and improves health

    Ultimately this is a solid mix of ingredients. There are the key stimulants in there and then a number of other ingredients to help boost nutrient uptake, muscular performance and blood flow.

    You may be surprised at the exclusion of beta alanine, which is quite a popular ingredient amongst pre-workouts. It's an interesting decision, but may be a smart move since we have seen many people complain about that very uncomfortable tingly feeling that beta-alanine often causes.

    Worth noting, the label does suggest to take 1-2 scoops of this pre-workout prior to training. If you do take 2 scoops, that's going to yield a BIG caffeine hit at 450mg in total. Though if you're after something potent, then this is probably right down your alley.

    The Road Test

    After giving this product a go with 1.5 servings, I was particularly impressed. The energy and level of focus that I experienced was fantastic.

    There are some pre-workouts that you take which are predominantly just caffeine. While you get a high, that follows with a big crash thereafter. That certainly did not seem the case with this Unstoppable.

    Most notably this product really did seem to enhance both stamina and endurance. During my particular workout, a number of personal best's were hit and I noticed that my performance in the 8-10 rep range was particularly enhanced. Of course it's difficult to put this down to Unstoppable alone, but I do feel that it contributed greatly to an overall excellent workout.

    Worth noting, following a very intense 50 minute session, I was feeling so good that I decided to add in a couple of sets of heavy (4-6 rep max) deadlifts for good measure!

    Value for Money

    Let's be frank; unstoppable is not a cheap product. It is most certainly one of the more expensive products on the market in this category. Per tub there are 30 serves and it sells at a similar price point to a typical 45-60 serve product currently on the market.

    But does that necessarily mean that it is not good value? I think not. When you have a product that is so innovative and unique you would expect to pay a little more, if it performs. And it does.

    Ultimately if you're the budget conscious individual, this product won't be for you. If however you're after something new that really delivers, then this one ticks all the boxes.


    Overall this is a great product and I can see why it is the number one seller in Europe. It's a no-fluff pre-workout that really performs and delivers a workout "experience". I personally have no hesitation in rating Unstoppable right up there as one of the best on the market today.

    If you're interested in trying this product out for yourself, visit the Dedicated Unstoppable product page in our store!

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