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Subscribe & Save

Subscribe & Save 20-25% with Automatic Reordering!

By subscribing for automatic reordering with our Subscribe & Save feature, you will automatically save 20% off our advertised prices (and 25% off our own brands!).

Choose your Products & Frequency

Choose your products from the product pages. You can choose to order now and subscribe for later, or select the "Save to my account" link (once you select your delivery frequency) to save to your account to purchase automatically at a later date.

You will receive an up-front 20-25% Subscribe & Save discount on your current order, as well as all subsequent Subscribe & Save orders. Please note that prices may increase or decrease from delivery to delivery.

If you are applying a price beat on any product, the price beat discount will apply instead of the 20-25% Subscribe & Save discount. You can however choose to remove the price beat discount in order to receive the 20-25% Subscribe & Save discount instead.

Receive an extra 2% discount for renewals!

After your first order, each subsequent subscription order will receive a bonus 2% discount on top of the standard Subscribe & Save discount. That's our way of rewarding our most loyal subscribers.

Higher Loyalty Discounts will Apply

If you're a top tier loyalty member and your discount is higher than the Subscribe & Save + Renewal Bonus discount, your loyalty discount will apply instead.

Cancel or Modify at Any Time

It's easy to change any of your Subscribe & Save subscriptions! Simply log into your account and visit the Subscribe & Save Subscriptions area to change delivery frequency, next delivery date or remove a subscription altogether. Our team is available to assist you at any time.

Auto Price Beat

Before we create your order, we use our price scanner to check for any competitors selling any of your products at a lower price. If we find anyone selling cheaper than what our price would be after all the Subscribe & Save discounts are applied, we will apply a further reduction to beat that competitor's price. This will be just like applying a Price Beat on our website to ensure you are protected against price drops in the market.

Auto-apply Z Points

You can choose to automatically apply any Z Points in your account as an additional discount to your order. Plus, you'll be earning Z Points with every Subscribe & Save order. You can use these points as a discount on any future orders.

Club Z Perks

If you're a Club Z member, you'll get 20-25% off Club Z prices plus all the usual perks including free shipping and a higher Z Points earning rate!

Subscribe & Save Free Delivery

Free delivery is available to active Club Z members and on all Subscribe & Save orders that total $120 or more (before the Subscribe & Save discount). If you are not a Club Z member, you can easily adjust your subscriptions so they ship together and meet the minimum free shipping threshold. Smaller orders will incur standard delivery charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

Managing my Product Subscriptions

How do I manage my Subscribe & Save orders?
Visit your account area and click on the Subscribe & Save Subscriptions link in the menu to manage your existing subscriptions.
How do I add a new product subscription?
Find the product on our website and visit the product page. Select the "Subscribe & Save" option (just below the prices) and select the options accordingly.
How do I cancel my Subscribe & Save subscriptions?
In your account's Subscribe & Save Subscriptions area, click on "Remove" for any of the products that you want to remove. Upon confirmation, this will permanently remove this subscription.
How do I change the quantity, frequency, flavours or next dispatch date of my subscriptions?
Visit your account area and click on the Subscribe & Save Subscriptions link in the menu to manage your existing subscriptions. Scroll down to your products and select the "Update" button to make any changes.
Can I subscribe to a product without making a purchase immediately?
You sure can. When you're on the product page, select the option "Save to account without adding to cart". Once done, click on the "Save Subscription" button next to the "Add to Cart" button.
Will I be reminded of any upcoming subscription orders?
Yes, we will send you an email and SMS reminder several days before your next order. At that time you can modify, delay or cancel your order before it is confirmed.

Bonus 2% Renewal Discount

How do I qualify for the additional renewal discount?

Each time your subscription generates a new order automatically, you will receive the base discount plus an additional 2% as a bonus discount. We have introduced this to reward our loyal subscribers who remain subscribed beyond the first order.

This bonus discount is only applied to subsequent subscription orders, beyond the initial order. For example, the first order may have a 25% discount applied. So long as you don't cancel your subscription, the next order will have an initial 25% discount and then a further 2% discount will be applied on top of this already discounted price.

How do I lose my renewal bonus?
You will lose your renewal bonus if you cancel your product subscription, or if your last subscription order for that product exceeds 6 months prior.


How much is shipping?
Shipping is the same as if you order on our website. Orders $120 or more are shipped free. Smaller orders will attract our standard delivery fee of $6.99. All Club Z orders are shipped for free.
Do Club Z members still get free shipping?
Yes, as a Club Z member you will enjoy all the member benefits, including free shipping on all subscription orders.
How do I change the delivery address for my subscription orders?
In your account, visit your Address Book and update the default shipping address to your desired delivery location.

Product Prices

Will the product prices change?
Prices can go up or down and you are automatically charged based on the current product price at the time that your order is created. You can see the current prices in your account at any time. By default, we automatically apply an additional price beat discount if we find any competitors selling at a price lower than after your Subscribe & Save discount is applied.
Do you apply an automatic price beat if a competitor sells at a lower price?
Yes! If our scanner finds a competitor selling at a cheaper price than after your Subscribe & Save discount is applied, we will beat their price so you get the same price as if you were manually applying a price beat on our website.

Z Points

Can I apply my Z Points as an additional discount to my Subscribe & Save orders?
Yes! If you choose to automatically apply Z Points, these will be applied as an additional discount to your orders in the same way that they would be applied on our website. You can choose this option in your account's Subscribe & Save Subscriptions area
Will I earn Z Points on my Subscribe & Save orders?
Yes! You will earn at the same rate as if you were ordering on the website.


What payment methods are accepted for subscription orders?
We accept VISA, Mastercard and American Express only. Other payment methods are unavailable for Subscribe & Save orders.
How do I change the card to pay for my subscription orders?
In your account area, visit the My Credit Cards area and set the default card to your preferred card to use.
Are there any membership fees for Subscribe & Save?
None whatsoever. As a subscriber, we give you our highest discounts off all products so you save even more!
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