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  • Ghost Whey Review - Great protein or great marketing?


    When it comes to products that are hyped up on social media, it's easy to be sceptical about their quality. But with Ghost, it's clear that they're not just all talk.

    If you're looking for a top-notch supplement and don't mind paying a little extra, Ghost is definitely worth a try. You'll be getting a product that's carefully crafted by people who are passionate about what they do.

  • Ghost Whey Review

    The Ghost Brand is an up and coming supplement line that is gaining quite a lot of traction, earning coveted word of mouth referrals from those that use their products. Even though at first glance Ghost Whey might appear as if it is just a basic Whey protein powder, it actually has a few tricks up its sleeve.

    Wondering how this iteration of the Ghost family will fare? Let's check it out now.


    One thing the Ghost brand has completed nailed, as is evident in Ghost Whey as well, is the taste factor. Ghost Whey comes in several delicious flavours, including cereal milk, fruity cereal milk, blueberry toaster pastry, milk chocolate, peanut butter cereal milk and coffee ice cream.

    There is something in Ghost Whey that brings about a nostalgic feeling after drinking a serve, which is especially true if you recall having cereal in milk as a kid and then drinking the milk left in the bowl. This is the truest explanation of what cereal milk is, and one that you are bound to love.

    The non-cereal milk flavours also taste exceptional, though if you dislike the taste of coffee you may not love the coffee ice cream flavour. But that's not to say it's bad in the least. Overall, Ghost Whey has at least one flavour you are bound to love.

    Taste: 5/5


    Ghost Whey does an excellent job of mixing in water, as is the standard we have come to expect from all Whey-based proteins. It is instantized, so whether you choose to whip up a batch in a shaker bottle, blender or just with a spoon, you should not encounter difficulties with the process.

    You can mix up to two serves in 360ml of water, being sure to vigorously mix throughout. You can still modify the amount of water you use to achieve the consistency and texture you desire prior to consumption.

    Solubility/Texture: 5/5

    Nutritional Breakdown

    Ghost Whey does not need to reinvent the wheel. It is well known that Whey protein is the gold standard when it comes with getting high quality amino acids in your diet, in a fast and convenient form, but what they have done is combine three extremely popular forms of this protein; namely the concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate, so that you can take advantage of the unique offerings of each.

    Consumption of a Whey protein supplement, especially in the post workout window helps to promote muscle protein synthesis thanks to its stimulating effect on the anabolic hormone insulin [1]. Insulin is critical for helping to shuttle glucose and amino acids into muscle cells, which after a training session are primed to absorb much-needed nutrients.

    In addition to this, the branched-chain amino acid leucine [2] plays a critical role in stimulating anabolism and protein synthesis at the genetic and cellular level, so that your efforts in the gym do not go to waste. This is why many protein supplements proudly trumpet their BCAA content on the label. As an added bonus, consumption of high amounts of BCAAs can help with the loss of abdominal fat when on a hypocaloric diet, compared to diets which are low in BCAAs [3].

    Lastly, but certainly not least is Whey protein's speed of absorption. As a whole, Whey proteins are absorbed rapidly, but as purity goes up (concentrate<isolate<hydrolysate) so too does it speed of absorption. While the difference in actual protein content between the concentrate and hydrolysate form isn't that significant, the hydrolysate form has been partially broken down into amino acid components, so that it enters blood even faster and leads to higher blood amino acids[4] (and greater muscle growth!)

    Ghost Whey can help you take advantage of your entire workout window if consumed before and after your session. In addition to the actual training session, you may also consume Ghost Whey immediately upon waking in the morning, or before bed (both optional).

    The Ghost Whey label also makes reference to enzymes, though there is no specific mention of which. However, based on the fact that it is a protein supplement, it is most likely some form of proteolytic enzymes (to speed up cleavage of the amino acid bonds).

    Value For Money

    When it comes down to the cost per serve, Ghost Whey may seem a tad bit expensive. A jar supplying 28 serves costs about $68.95, which equates to almost $2.50 per scoop. However, you need to keep in mind that Ghost Whey is not simply one type of Whey protein, but actually three blended peptides combined into one product.

    By including the concentrate, isolate and hydrolysate you are able to experience different rates of protein absorption, especially when taking around the peri- workout window. Even at 25 g of protein per serve, however, Ghost Whey still remains one of the more expensive Whey protein products on the market. This is the price you pay for good things.

    Value: 3/5


    Ghost Whey is on its 'Whey' up, with the brand as a whole developing a stellar reputation after being used. The blended approach that Ghost Whey employs is a great idea as smaller differences in absorption speed and purity can make a difference in you gaining every ounce of muscle you deserve.

    Our only hope (and negative) is that Ghost make their Whey protein available in 5 pound jars, since this would most likely bring down the individual cost per serve and make it more justifiable spending your cash on it.

    Overall, a great product with great taste and mixability, but at a higher cost per scoop.

    Overall: 4/5


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