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About Amino Z

Thanks for visiting Amino Z.

Our vision is to help millions of people in Australia (and around the world) by becoming one of the  largest and most respected fitness, health and nutritional services company. We aim to provide an authoritative source of scientifically researched and accurate information in order to overcome the overwhelming misinformation (and frankly, BS) purported through media, internet and general misunderstanding with respect to health, fitness and nutrition.

Our website was launched in March 2006 and since then has grown from a one-man organisation, to a thiriving enterprise servicing tens of thousands Australian customers. Amino Z was founded and is operated by Jay Bonaretti.


Our Values

Our entire team lives and breathes by our very important core values which form the basis for everything that we do:

  • TEAMWORK. We work together to achieve.
  • RESPECT. Everyone we interact with is treated with the utmost most respect.
  • ECSTATIC CUSTOMERS. Nothing less than ecstatic customers.
  • NO SHORTCUTS. Things get done properly the first time.
  • SYSTEMS. Whenever possible, we base our operations on systems.
  • CANEI. Constant and never ending improvement.


The Brand

The name "Amino Z" was derived from the molecule "amino acid". Amino acids are one of the many building blocks to the human body.

Amino acids form an integral part of biological science. Amino Z as a company bases it's exercise and nutritional philosophies and prescriptions on that which has been trailed and proven by science. We strongly believe that the research conducted by scientists have immense practical value to our lives. We will never advocate an approach that has no scientific backing to it.

We specifically selected "Z" as the final letter in our company name for two key reasons. Firstly, we aim to provide you with the "A to Z" of health and fitness. There is no use in providing one narrow approach to health and fitness without another necessary component. We believe that the best way to achieve a sustainable transformation is to ensure that your entire lifestyle is in harmony with your desired goal. It is for these reasons that we provide an array of resources, such as an online supplement store, online personal training (covering nutrition, exercise and general lifestyle), articles, questions & answers, a nutritional database, exclusive client exercise video's and calculators.

The second reason why we have "Z" as the final letter in our name is because our final two letters "oZ" represent the fact that we are an Australian company, providing Australians with a world-class service.


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