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BSN Syntha 6 vs. BSN Syntha 6 Edge

For the last decade, BSN has been considered one of the top supplement brands. Whether you need a protein, a pre-workout, or a post-workout supplement, BSN has you covered. Syntha 6 is one of the best-selling products from BSN, proving itself to be an elite brand of protein powder. Not long after the monumental success of Syntha 6, BSN released Syntha 6 Edge, claiming that while the original was still an incredible product, Syntha 6 Edge was the upgrade. Let's take a look at both Syntha 6 and Syntha 6 Edge to see which one is truly worth the buy.


BSN Syntha 6

Where can I buy it?


Pros of BSN Syntha 6

If you've been taking supplements for a while, then you're no stranger to BSN Syntha 6. It features a unique blend of protein including Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Calcium Caseinate, Micellar Casein, Milk Protein Isolate, Egg Albumin, And Glutamine Peptides. Notice the three protein types that have been highlighted as that will come into play in the next section.


These protein types offer a range of immediate and extended release amino acids. When used as a part of a well-planned training program, these amino acids may support protein synthesis, protect muscle from breakdown, and promote new growth. (1-6)


Cons of BSN Syntha 6

Overall, Syntha 6 is your textbook example of a great protein blend to support a range of goals; however, due to the calorie and fat content and depending on what your goals are, Syntha 6 may not be your ideal option.


At 150 calories per serving, Syntha 6 also provides 3.5 grams of fat. Now this isn't a big deal if your goals are muscle building or bulking but if you are being extremely conscious of the calories you are ingesting, then these extra calories (when compared to an isolate, for example) may put you over your caloric limit.


The only other issue that we see with Syntha 6 is the addition of artificial sweeteners but you'd be hard pressed to find a product that doesn't have those.


BSN Syntha 6 Edge

Where can I buy it?


Pros of BSN Syntha 6 Edge

Glancing over the label for Edge, you can already see the improvements when compared to the original Syntha 6. It offers more protein per serving at 24 grams and you're getting less fat and cholesterol. BSN also changed up the protein blend. Edge provides you with Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Hydrolyzed Whey Protein, Calcium Caseinate, Micellar Casein, and Milk Protein Concentrate. The highlighted protein types are new additions in the blend.


Cons of BSN Syntha 6 Edge

Depending on how you feel about specific protein types, you may argue that the formula for Edge is lacking. It removed Glutamine Peptides, Egg Albumin and Milk Protein Isolate (the protein types highlighted in the first section). We think it was a great decision to ditch the Glutamine Peptides and replacing Milk Protein Isolate with Hydrolyzed Whey Protein is definitely the better move. With that said, getting rid of Egg Albumin is a hit or miss move, especially when it's been replaced by Milk Protein Concentrate. Egg Albumin is a much higher grade protein. Despite the change, this is still an excellent blend and one that is as worthy, if not more so, as its predecessor.



Both of these protein types are above and beyond. We think the way to choose which one to buy lies in your fitness goals. If you don't have caloric restrictions or if you are striving for a caloric surplus, definitely choose the original Syntha 6. If you want something closer to that of an isolate, then go with Syntha 6 Edge.


You can also purchase both, using Syntha 6 as breakfast or before a workout and then use Syntha 6 Edge post-workout. Regardless of the few changes that BSN has made, you still have two fantastic protein powders on your hands.



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