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Vitamin A & Exercise: 3 Ways More Vitamin A Can Boost Results

You know the term 'vitamins' because it's used everywhere: in fitness magazines, on your moisturizer, and, of course, on nutrition labels. Did you know that there are two types of vitamins? Water soluble vitamins, which you'll commonly find in mega doses such as Vitamin C during the cold season. There are also fat soluble vitamins, which, as the name suggests, rely on dietary and body fat to be transported and stored. If you are a very active person, you may be burning through more fat than you realize. This sets up a possibility of becoming deficient in fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin A. Let's take a look at the top 3 reasons you should consider a Vitamin A supplement to support your fitness goals.


  1. Supports Bone Health

Although Vitamin D and Calcium get all of the attention when it comes to your bones, not many people realize that Vitamin A also plays an important role in your bone health. Why does bone health matter during exercise? Weak bones are more prone to breaks. As you age, this can become extremely problematic as broken bones may never fully recover. You can support your bone health by engaging in weight bearing exercise and supplementing with Vitamin A. Weight bearing exercises help to increase bone mineral density while Vitamin A protects and supports overall bone health. (1)


  1. Alleviates Post-Workout Inflammation

If you've ever exercised before, then you're familiar with the post-workout inflammation and soreness that follows you into the next day. This soreness is a form of inflammation caused by harmless microtears in the muscle tissue. From here, the muscle tissue will heal and recover stronger than before. Soreness doesn't need to pester you every time you work out. By supplementing with Vitamin A, you may be able to reduce post-workout inflammation, allowing you to jump back into the gym sooner without the trouble of soreness. (2)


  1. Boosts Immunity & Recovery

Your immune system is always busy, protecting you and your body from harmful invaders. It also has to deal with the daily stresses of life. Over time, your immune system may weaken to the point where bacteria or viruses are able to sneak in and set up shop. No one likes being sick, especially when it keeps you from working out. Supplementing with Vitamin A may help to improve your body's immune response. This will keep you in tip top shape, allowing you to recovery efficiently and stay true to your gym schedule. (3)



There are plenty of vitamins and minerals that get attention when it comes to boosting your fitness life. Surprisingly, you don't hear much about Vitamin A. Studies show that supplementing safely with Vitamin A may help to boost your fitness experience. You may be able to avoid soreness, recover faster, support your bone health, and improve your health overall.


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