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    Valentine's Day is a good opportunity to give the gift of fitness to your loved one!
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    What are you doing right now to keep yourself growing physically, mentally or spiritually? Here are three book recommendations to help you to develop yourself further!
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  • How to Find the Right Pair of Running Shoes

    Does the shoe fit? There are so many different brands of shoes out there. Which one is the right one for you? Shoes vary in shape, technology and certainly pricing. Does it mean the most expensive shoe will protect your feet and body the best? Not necessarily.

    First, before we talk about shoes, lets look at those feet of yours. I'm sure you've heard of low arch verse high arch. This is so important because no one is perfect and we either lean one way or another. Either way this discrepancy can place a great strain on your ankles thus increasing risk of sprain. High arches can increase inflammation under the foot called plantar fasciitis, which can only be resolved with extensive physical therapy. Low arches can place undo strain on your knees and low back. Now that we've established the importance of correcting your arch, how can we find out which you are without seeing a doctor?

    One simple way is by looking at an old pair of shoes with leather bottoms. Look at the back of the shoe. If they are worn out on the outer side, you have high arches. If they are worn out on the inside, you have low arches.

    What if you don't see anything? Don't worry there is another way. Take a piece of brown paper towel. The brown part is important. Place one sheet on the floor. Wet your foot and place your foot on the towel. Slowly lift up. You should clearly see your forefoot, toes and heel. If the middle section is very slim, you have high arches. If it is very thick, you have a low arch.

    Now that you know what kind of arch you have, we can move forward with the right shoe for you. Obviously, if you lean toward low arches either buy a shoe with a good inner support and slight arch. Or if you have a nice pair of shoes then just buy an insert to give support.

    For those with high arches, you should look for a shoe with a good mid-sole cushion to help absorb the shock during running. You can also search for a minimal shoe. These shoes give you the sensation of running without shoes on. However, with this shoe a good regime of calf stretching is required to help decrease the arch and minimize injury. For women, try to limit your time in heels. This can decrease ankle range of motion and promote the arch.

    Again, the pricing of the shoe isn't so important. It's important to learn about your body individually to know how to meet its needs. By doing this you can minimize chance of injury now and any future chronic issues.

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