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Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer vs. Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex

What is Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer?

Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer is one of the industry staples for mass gaining. It provides 650 calories per serving with 60 grams of protein! This protein-focused mass gainer may be exactly what you need during bulking season to maximize mass gains while limiting fat gains when compared to other gainers that are high-calorie, carbohydrate, not protein-based.



  • 650 calories and 60 grams of a protein blend per serving
  • Features Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Calcium Caseinate, Egg Albumin, Hydrolyzed Whey Peptides, Glutamine Peptides – Great for hours of amino acid delivery
  • 85 grams of carbohydrates – Ideal for restoring muscle glycogen levels
  • 8 grams of healthy fats – Necessary for healthy hormone levels


Why You Should Use Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer

Unlike some of the supplements out there that provide over 1,000 calories from simple carbohydrates, Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer has a realistic approach to healthy mass gaining. At 650 calories, Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer is an effective tool for pushing your caloric threshold while supplying the body with muscle building amino acids, glycogen-restoring carbohydrates, and healthy fats. This balance may help to boost recovery and build muscle mass while limiting the amount of weight gain from fat.


Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex also supplies 60 grams of muscle supporting protein but at a fraction of the calories. One serving of Pro Complex provides 270 calories with the same amount of protein as Pro Gainer. The implication here is that Pro Complex may be best suited as a lean gainer, not a mass gainer.


Things to Watch Out for With Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer

Aside from artificial sweeteners, the only thing I'd point out would be the inclusion of synthetic vitamins and minerals. If you're not taking a multi-vitamin or a single vitamin or mineral supplement, then you wouldn't have to worry about this. If you're currently taking a supplement for vitamins and minerals, I'd recommend stopping that supplement until you finish with O.N. Pro Gainer. Too much of a vitamin or mineral supplement could have side effects including toxicity.


What is Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex?

Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex is a protein supplement providing you with 60 grams of protein from isolate and hydrolyzed sources. Pro Complex only has 1 gram of fat and 5 grams of carbohydrates per serving, making it an ideal post-workout or lean gains supplement.



  • 270 calories per serving
  • 60 grams of protein from the following sources: Whey Protein Isolate, Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate, Egg Protein, Hydrolyzed Egg Protein, Leucine Peptides
  • Ideal for low-carb, low-fat diets
  • Focus is on muscle recovery via rapid digesting proteins


Why You Should Use Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex

With 60 grams of protein coming from all isolate and hydrolyzed sources, Pro Complex is one of the best post-workout supplements on the market.


After a workout, your muscles require immediate nutrition. Isolate and hydrolyzed protein is known to be the fastest digesting protein available, ensuring your lean muscle mass receives the amino acids it needs to spark post-workout recovery and growth.


Things to Watch Out for With Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex

If you intend to use Pro Complex after a workout, it's important to note that simple carbohydrates are a necessity to restore glycogen levels and decrease cortisol levels, assuming you aren't following a carbohydrate-restricted diet such as the Keto Diet. Since Pro Complex only has 5 grams of carbohydrates, I'd recommend pairing it with a healthy carbohydrate source such as a bowl of oat-based cereal (e.g., Cheerios) but only for after a workout. At any other point, it's fine on its own.


Which Supplement Should I Buy?

Realistically and ideally, you could be using both depending on your goals. If you want to gain mass without the added fat weight, also known as lean gains, you could pair these two up, taking Pro Gainer in the morning or an hour before a workout. You could then finish a workout by using Pro Complex, which is going to provide those fast digesting amino acids.


If you don't care about the amount of fat you gain, such as during bulking season, then you could use Pro Gainer several times per day for the extra calories and protein.


If you want to lose weight and focus on toned, lean muscle, go with Pro Complex, it's lower in calories and fits in perfectly with a low-carb lifestyle.



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