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How to Make Your Own BCAA Supplement for Insane Results

Branched Chain Amino Acids, more commonly known as BCAAs, are an incredibly effective supplement for supporting a variety of fitness goals including muscle building, weight loss, and performance enhancement.


When purchased from a popular brand, BCAA supplements can be expensive and under-dosed. If you want to avoid high cost and under-dosed supplements, the best thing you can do is create your own BCAA supplement.


Let's take a look at everything you need to know when it comes to creating your own BCAA supplement.


Ingredients to Include



Considered the superstar of the three essential amino acids for fitness, Leucine is used in a variety of supplements including pre-workouts, muscle builders, post-workouts, and, of course, BCAA blends. Studies have suggested that when used as directed, Leucine may be able to promote the following benefits:


  • May trigger protein synthesis
  • May boost lean muscle mass
  • May increase energy levels
  • May promote fat burning (1-5)



Despite not getting as much publicity as Leucine, the essential amino acid, Isoleucine is just as important thanks to its ability to manufacture functional proteins in the body. Essential for energy levels and recovery, Isoleucine may be able to promote the following benefits:


  • May boost intra-workout energy levels
  • May protect muscle from catabolism
  • May support lean muscle gains
  • Ideal for weight management (1-5)



The third essential amino, Valine is just as important as the others but it appeals to people outside of the fitness market as it is a great way to support recovery after an injury or surgery. As a standalone ingredient, Valine may promote the following benefits:


  • May help with recovery
  • May support muscle growth
  • May boost performance
  • May increase natural energy levels (1-5)


Proper Dosage of Each Ingredient


When making your own BCAA supplement, it will be critical to get the correct dosage. Do you know exactly how much of each amino acid you should be using? Check out the Amino Z supplement dosage guide below:



  • The ideal dosage per serving for Leucine 3,200 mg. However, if you are extremely active, you may consider using up to 4,000 mg.



  • The ideal dosage for Isoleucine is 1,600 mg; however, you can increase this amount to 2,000 mg, if you are very active.



  • The ideal dosage per serving for Valine is 1,600 mg; however, you can increase this amount to 2,000 mg, if you are very active.


Other Ingredients to Consider


If you want to upgrade your BCAA supplement to the next level, you may consider adding in the following ingredients to support performance and results:


Beta Alanine

  • May boost strength
  • May support muscle growth
  • May help with recovery (6-8)



  • May boost performance
  • May increase metabolism
  • May support cognitive ability (9-11)


Make Your Own BCAA Supplement Now


Ready to get started with making your very own custom BCAA supplement? Use the Amino Z Supplement Builder today!


The Amino Z Supplement Builder allows you to create your own unique supplements with the ingredients and dosages that you choose. Why waste money on under-dosed supplements from big name brands when you can create your own?


Try the Amino Z Supplement Builder now!




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