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Amino Z WPI VS Scitec Nutrition 100% WPI

If you work out diligently day after day, it’s only natural that you would want to support your efforts with a high quality whey protein powder. However, not all protein powders are created the same. In fact, if you’re not careful you may end up spending way more money than you have to, and still not have access to the best you can get.

With so many variables to consider, we’ve decided to make your purchasing decision a little easier, especially if you’re on a budget. Today we are going to run a comparison of two very popular whey protein brands on the market: Scitec Nutrition 100% WPI vs. Amino Z WPI.

Let’s dive right into it then, shall we?

Amino Z WPI

Where Can I Buy Amino Z WPI?

Here’s where you can purchase Amino Z WPI

Pros of Amino Z WPI

Our Amino Z WPI delivers the classic offering you may have become accustomed to when using whey protein isolate powders. Versatile WPI can be used pre and post-workout, first thing in the morning or any other time to help support recovery and lean muscle growth[i].

  • Higher than average protein content per serve, coming in at 26.5g per scoop
  • Low in sugar, fat and lactose to give less of what you don’t want
  • Free of soy
  • All Natural; uses only Stevia as sweetener
  • Many flavour options including banana, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla creamy, chocolate coconut, chocolate orange and even an unflavoured version
  • Packaged in a bag to reduce carbon footprint and bring down cost to the end consumer

Cons Of Amino Z WPI

  • The sweetener used in our WPI is stevia, which is 8x as sweet as table sugar. Some people may not like the taste of this sweetener
  • That, and the fact that you may be unable to procure our Amino Z WPI out of Australia.
  • Our product is also packaged in a bag with a resealable pouch to reduce our carbon footprint and bring down cost, but you may or may not want a tub for storage

Scitec Nutrition 100% WPI

Where Can I Buy Scitec Nutrition 100% WPI?

Here’s where you can purchase Scitec Nutrition 100% WPI

Pros Of Scitec Nutrition 100% WPI

Scitec Nutrition 100% WPI is another high quality protein powder that can be used to complement recovery and lean muscle synthesis.

  • It delivers 21g of protein per serve to fuel muscle growth
  • Enhanced with L-Glutamine to enhance recovery and reduce muscle soreness[ii]
  • Low in fat and carbohydrates
  • Available in flavours including vanilla, chocolate, banana, strawberry, and chocolate hazelnut
  • Contains fast acting whey protein hydrolysate in addition to whey protein isolate
  • Well known internationally
  • Comes packaged in a tub for easy storage

Cons Of Scitec Nutrition 100% WPI

  • Scitec Nutrition 100% WPI is a bit under dosed in terms of its actual protein content, coming in at 21g per serve.
  • Product taste is excellent, but owing to the presence of artificial sweeteners. This may be of concern if you are health conscious and looking for a natural WPI.
  • Finally, it can be considered a bit of overkill to have every piece of inventory available in a tub. It may have been better to offer tubs and bags which could easily be refilled into them once empty. The price is also a bit on the higher side, possibly because of the (unexpected) addition of whey protein hydrolysate.

In Summary

We stand behind both of these great brands, so it should really just boil down to a matter of personal preference. Consider which product meets more of your needs and you’ll have a great supplement to support your effort while working out.

[i] Tsutsumi R, Tsutsumi YM. Peptides and proteins in whey and their benefits for human health. Austin J Nutri Food Sci 2014;1(1): 1002.

[ii] Legault Z, Bagnall N, Kimmerly DS. The Influence of Oral L-Glutamine Supplementation on Muscle Strength Recovery and Soreness Following Unilateral Knee Extension Eccentric Exercise. Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab. 2015;25(5):417-426. doi:10.1123/ijsnem.2014-0209

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