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Whey Protien Powder

Whey protein is protein obtained from whey, a by-product of cheese manufactured from cow's milk. In processing whey protein, the water, fat and other substances are removed. The final product is essentially 90% protein and 1% fat.

In terms of its benefits, supplementing with whey protein powder aids a faster muscle recovery process. Drinking a water-based whey protein shake after a brutal workout rebuilds and restores worn-out muscles.

It is also a rich source of amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. The body regularly craves for amino acids and they must be obtained from sound, healthy food and supplement choices. Whey protein is considered to be the perfect and complete form of protein.

Whey protein is also known to boost the immune system. During training, the immune system is weakened to an extent. Whey protein actually boosts the immune system. Some studies even conclude it fights off cancer cells due to its ability to increase a key antioxidant in the body known as glutathione.

Another key advantage it has is its easy absorption and distribution to the body. It enters the bloodstream faster than other forms of protein. This translates to more amino acids being transmitted to the muscles which results in faster muscle protein synthesis and rebuilding. In short, whey protein is known for its rapid-fire ability to nourish worn-out muscles.

Lastly, whey protein promotes healthy aging. It's a given that as a person ages, he or she loses muscle size and volume. Regular exercise, healthy eating and sound supplementation can offset that process. Whey protein consumed among older men showed greater protein synthesis which kept muscle loss in check over time.

Ideally, whey protein should be taken two to three times daily in addition to your regular protein sources. It must be consumed immediately after your workout for better results. Bottom lineâ€the sooner the muscles are replenished, the sooner they grow
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