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Casein Protein Powder

Another type of protein powder which can bring about great gains in one's workout plan is casein. It is the dominant protein found in milk. Roughly eighty percent of cow's milk protein is casein while the remaining twenty percent is whey.

Casein protein is loaded with amino acids but in contrast to whey, it is a slow-digesting protein. Due to this characteristic, it has little effect on protein synthesis. Casein protein forms a lining in the stomach, resulting in a steady stream of amino acids to the bloodstream over time. Consumption will result in a peak in blood amino acids and protein synthesis for up to seven hours. In contrast, whey protein consumption yields the same results in forty minutes.

One of its great benefits is its ability to suppress protein breakdown. What this means is that casein is an incredible muscle-sparing protein. Muscle growth is simply striking a balance between maximising protein synthesis and minimising protein breakdown. Casein makes its presence felt by preserving the muscles.

Casein consumption also leads to greater fat loss. Casein protein is loaded with calcium. A study conducted by the International Journey of Obesity revealed increased fecal fat excretion among those who combined a high calcium intake with normal protein consumption.

Furthermore, it protects the body from colon cancer. Several studies suggest that dairy products such as casein protein are superior to other protein sources such as meat and soy in preventing colon cancer.

In a study of the Journal of Nutrition, casein protein is concluded to be better than soy in terms of protein quality. This means that because of its high quality as a protein source, casein is retained longer in the body which bodes well for muscle retention aims.

In order to aid the muscle recovery process, eight hours of sleep is a must. The body should be primed to receive the needed quantity while sleeping. Since casein protein is a slow-digesting protein, it can supply the body with the protein that it needs during those eight hours. Casein protein is thus best taken right before going to bed.

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