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Vital All In One Review

Vital All In One belongs to a group of supplements that are not often given much thought; greens and superfoods. Originally known as Vital Greens, the supplement comes in the form of a highly bioavailable powder which possesses several surprising benefits for your health.

Let’s take a look and see how this greens powder shapes up.


When you think of a greens/ superfood powder, you would be forgiven for thinking that taste is not its strong point. Given, Vital All In One is not comparable to the sweetness of a protein powder or pre-workout, but that does not mean that it is bad. It even has a somewhat pineapple tinge, by virtue of the natural flavouring agents.

In fact, it has one of the best taste profiles for any greens powder you can purchase. The taste is not bitter, nor is it overly sweet and artificial. It strikes a good balance, as much as can be expected for such types of products, making it much more than merely “tolerable” on the taste buds.

Category Specific Taste: 4.5/5

Solubility/ Texture

Vital All In One Powder actually mixes very well, and does not leave much visible residue. It can easily be mixed with a spoon in a glass, but if you are looking to make drinking your greens an experience, we recommend whipping up a batch in a blender. You can also mix it with non-acidic juices such as apple for a little extra sweetness boost.

A blender ensures a continuous supply of air is infused into your beverage, making for a fluffy, light smoothie. A blender is also superior for ensuring a uniform mixture, making drinking it smooth sailing.

The soluble fibre it contains definitely helps with the excellent texture and mixability. Add each serve of the powder (10g) to at least 200ml liquid to ensure an adequate texture is achieved every time.

Solubility/ Texture: 5/5

Nutritional Breakdown

Being true to the name “All In One”, Vital greens contains an impressive number of ingredients; over 70 to be precise. These include:

  • Vitamins and Minerals

Many vitamins, including B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12, Vitamin A, C and E are included in Vital All In One Powder. These have various functions ranging from supporting energy levels[i], bolstering eye health[ii], and of course enhancing immunity and anti-oxidant capacity[iii]

It’s also worth mentioning that is contains several important micro minerals as well, including zinc, calcium and selenium, hard to get on vegan diets.

  • Digestive Aids

These comprise of the ever-helpful probiotics which can alleviate digestive disorders such as chronic constipation[iv], and even promoting protein absorption[v].

Then, you can also find digestive enzymes and aloe vera gel for stomach health[vi].

  • Antioxidants And Herbs

Vital All In One is not done yet. It also contains several adaptogenic herbs, green tea, Astragalus, reishi mushrooms and even resveratrol, one of the most effective anti-oxidants that may help reduce your heart disease risk[vii].

  • Vegetables And High Nutrient Fruits

Last but not least, are the veggies and fruits it contains. Kale, barley, broccoli, beet, bilberry, kelp, chlorella and spirulina are some of its biggest draws. These can help you meet your recommended daily intake of 8-10 serves, and in conjunction can support detoxification (thanks to milk thistle) and reducing inflammation[viii].

Value For Money

Investing in a greens and superfood powder such as Vital All In One has to simply be an outstanding choice. It is extremely affordable, with a container of 25 serves coming in at less than $25. That means you pay under $1 per serve. Extremely affordable, even comparing to consuming the vegetables and fruits themselves.

Considering there are over 70 different ingredients in the supplement, the value is hard to beat.

Value For Money: 5/5

In Conclusion

Vital All In One, as the name suggests, should definitely go on your list of vital nutritional supplements. The sad fact is that the majority of adults do not meet the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables, making it a good idea to use a super greens powder.

It is very low in sugars and undesirable additives, and comes at a price point that is hard to argue with. The great mixability, as well as decent taste are also great traits of this powder.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

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