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Vital All in One Review - A good all-rounder


Vital All in One ranks as one of our top greens products with a mind-blowing array of ingredients. However with such ingredient diversity, several are only found in extremely small amounts.

Category Scores

Nutrition & Directions

Taste & Texture

User Data

Value for Money


  • Over 80 ingredients!!!
  • Above average taste (for a greens)
  • Added pre and probiotics
  • Wide selection of size options


  • Expensive
  • Negligible amounts of certain ingredients
  • Does not entirely dissolve
  • No scoop included


Vital All in One (formerly Vital Greens) is manufactured in Australia for Martin and Pleasance, an Australian based company. This is one of Australia's most popular greens product, having originally been developed back in 2000.

Vital All in One with Shaker

Nutrition & Directions



Let's get straight to the ingredient listing. Holy cow this product takes the international award for most comprehensive ingredient panel!

The lengthy ingredient listing of 80 ingredients comprises of whole foods (greens, veggies and fruits), anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, herbs, prebiotics, pro biotics, enzymes and protein. It's an impressive array of ingredients and ideal if you're looking to get a little bit of everything.

The drawback to having such a long list of ingredients means that there is a very tiny amount of almost everything individually. This is most pronounced with the whole foods; take for example the 0.2 grams of organic apple which yields less than 1% of the weight of just eating an apple (70-100g). There is just 1 gram (1000mg) of pea protein per serve which is practically insignificant when you consider a typical protein powder will be around 30g per serve. Considering some other ingredients, per serve there are:

  • 10mg of resveratrol (as compared to 40-200mg in a typical standalone supplement)
  • 14 billion probiotics (as compared to 30-50 billion in a typical standalone supplement)
  • 400mg of organic flaxseed powder (as compared to typical servings of 5-20g).

On the flip side, the vitamins and minerals are of similar amounts to your typical multivitamin, so you can possibly ditch your multi for this greens drink.

So with the exception of the vitamins and minerals as a possible multivitamin replacement, this product does not particularly excel in any particular category (wholefoods, probiotics, protein etc). If you are deficient in any particular area, you may wish to compliment Vital All in One with an actual standalone product.

Also, worth noting, eight of the ingredients are listed as organic. Many of these ingredients are not certifiable as organic, many are. For this category of product, organic is a sought-after feature and a higher percentage of organic components would enhance the nutritional composition.

The product is also free from many allergens including gluten, egg, dairy and lactose. It is free from artificial sweeteners, flavours and colours also - a huge plus for this category of product. Stevia and monk fruit are the sweetening agents used (there is no added sugar).

Unfortunately, it is not disclosed if the product is free from genetically modified ingredients.

All in all we're looking at a well-rounded product suitable for someone who is already consuming a well-balanced diet to replace their typical multivitamin. This is certainly not a veggie replacement! And while I would have loved to see full disclosure on GMO status and more organic ingredients, the expulsion of artificial ingredients and the comprehensive listing of ingredients is very favourable overall.

Score: 8/10

Vital All in One Nutritional InformationVital All in One Ingredients


er serve we're looking at 37 calories which is fairly negligible. There are 1.21g (12.1%) of fat, 3.32g (33.2%) of carbs and 2.3g (23%) of protein per serve. Of the 3.32g of carbs, 0.87g is sugar. Note that they have 1g of pea protein per serve (constituting approximately 4 calories), but the remainder of calories will primarily come from the wholefoods included.

Being a greens product, you can expect some calories and this is a fairly typical panel.

Score: 10/10

Label Transparency

Overall this product is very transparent with a full listing of (almost) all ingredients with their respective amounts per serve. Note that several of the ingredients listed show their extract equivalent amount, not the actual amount that is in the product (obviously for full transparency both would be ideal).

The product advertises prominently "78 Vital Ingredients". I've counted 73 ingredients listed with their respective amounts, along with 7 others (papain, 2 flavourings, 2 sweeteners, Xanthan gum and Thaumatin). That adds up to 80 ingredients.

I do question what is actually being referred to when they refer to "Vital" on the front of the package; is it that these ingredients are actually vital (or essential) in the literal sense, or rather referring to their own brand as ingredients in the product branded as "Vital"? I'm guessing the latter as many of these ingredients may have health benefits, but are not essential for one's survival. And which 2 of the 80 ingredients are considered not "Vital"? Perhaps I'm being overly picky, but it would have been great if the labelling was more transparent here.

Score: 4/5

Directions & Servings

The directions are straightforward - "Dissolve 10g (two heaped teaspoons) into 200-300mg of water, juice...or milk of your choice, once a day." Good luck if you plan on taking this one with milk, but each to their own!

The serving size is reasonable too. The product advises against heating the product as to not affect the integrity of the probiotics. They recommend to refrigerate and consume within 90 days.

Score: 5/5

Vital All in One Single Serve on Scale

Taste & Texture


Flavour Options

Vital All in One only comes in a single flavour option...green. While this may have been adequate 20 years ago when the product was developed, greens now generally come in a variety of flavours, with products touting up to seven different flavour options. Unfortunately this places Vital All in One in the bottom 40% of all greens products for flavour variety.

Score: 2/5


Being a long-time greens user, I can confidently say that I have developed a special skill to disable my taste buds when consuming any green coloured drink. Greens just do not taste good.

But for a greens product, Vital has done a good job in formulating the taste of the All in One.

The All in One is flavoured with natural vanilla and pineapple flavouring...oh and spirulina (that unapologetically potent grassy taste). Given that just 10% of the serving is comprised of spirulina, the ingredient isn't too overpowering and makes the overall product quite palatable. The hint of vanilla and pineapple takes the edge off what would otherwise be a relatively bland product.

Noting that they use stevia and monk fruit as natural sweeteners, you can taste a subtle hint of sweetness. This yields an overall pleasant amount of sweetness. You would certainly not consider this drink to be sweet.

The Vital All in One is certainly not a product that most will crave for the taste. It performs well above average for your typical greens. If you're having it straight in water, it's fine to drink and overall very good for a greens product. A smoothie may mask the "greens" taste better.

Score: 7/10

Solubility & Texture

After shaking vigorously in our shaker, this product does not fully dissolve in water. As you can see in the photograph, there is some sediment left in the bottom of the shaker (of a slightly lighter colour). If you're mixing this into a smoothie this probably won't be all that noticeable.

Score: 7/10

Vital All in One Solubility

User Data



Full marks for this product as it is the most popular product in our greens and superfoods category.

Score: 5/5

Rate of Repurchase

Vital All in One ranks in the top 30% of products in the greens and superfoods category in terms of repurchase rate. This does indicate that overall people are very happy with the product and are more than likely to purchase it again.

Score: 7/10

User Reviews

This product is ranked extremely high at an average score of 95%, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction. In terms of this score within the category, this places Vital All in One within the top 67% of products.

Score: 8/10

Value for Money


Size Options

This product really excels in the size options that are offered. Most products will typically offer 1-3 sizes, but the All in One is offered in 5 size variations:

  • 120g
  • 30x10g sachets
  • 300g
  • 600g
  • 1kg

This places All in One at the very top of the category.

Score: 5/5

Vital All in One Sizes


The packaging is practically flawless as each of the jars are made from recycled plastic. Leak free, strong and sturdy renders this product suitable for both day-to-day use or travel.

My only qualm is that there is no scoop included which would be expected for such a premium product.

Score: 4/5

Vital All in One 1kgVital All in One LidVital All in One Inner Seal

Product Contents

From a 120g jar we obtained a total 122g of product, exceeding expectations nicely.

Score: 10/10

Vital All in One Inner PowderVital All in One Product Weight

Price Range

Greens aren't generally cheap to begin with and this product will come in at approximately $1.57 - $2.36 per serve, depending upon the size of the tub that you order. In comparison to other similar products, this does position the product in the bottom 30% when considering price per serve alone.

The All in One is quite unique in the sense that it does offer a vast array of ingredients, far greater than other direct competitors in the category. We must also consider that ten of the ingredients are organic which will attract a higher price point.

Is it cheap? Certainly not. Is it overpriced? I would argue no. It's a unique product which conveniently combines 80 ingredients into a single serve. No competitors even come close to this offering which does place the product in a very unique position within the greens category.

Score: 6/10


Vital All in One is a quality supplement delivering a vast range of ingredients at a higher than average price point. The taste is good and it mixes just "okay" leaving some sediment in water. Offered a wide range of sizes, this product is ideal for anyone looking to compliment a healthy diet. With the key exception of the vitamins and minerals, many other ingredients are present in very small amounts. If your diet is deficient in a particular area you may wish to consider a standalone product to compliment this blend.

Oh, and please include a scoop with your next release!

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