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The Keto Conundrum: Why Keto Dieting May Not Be Best For You

If you’ve made the decision to start living a healthier life, chances are pretty high that you’ve encountered, or even embarked on the keto diet before. While on the surface the keto diet promises insurmountable weight loss and a healthier, sexy body, turns out it’s not all peaches and cream.

In fact, you could be setting yourself up for a very difficult time, or even open up other complications; a can of worms you do not wish to encounter. But why is the keto diet not good for you? In this article we explore the many pitfalls lying in wait for you.

More Protein Is Not Better

As the keto diet goes, you are mandated to restrict carbohydrates significantly; often limiting total intake to 50g (but often less) daily. As a result, you consume more fat, but frequently, more protein as well. But therein lies the problem.

While intentions may be good, protein has a way of affecting your carbohydrate bottom line without you ever realizing it, via a process known as gluconeogenesis[i]carbohydrates by converting other nutrients into this precious commodity.

Protein (amino acids to be precise) is often targeted for this process, and could help explain to you why you are failing to see any amount of weight loss despite your most rigorous carb restriction protocols. Of course, you will have an exceedingly difficult time entering/ staying in ketosis when this occurs.

It Fosters Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are the dark shadows lingering beside many seemingly normal people, but waiting for an opportunity to rear its ugly head. While at its core the keto diet may be well-meaning, often times the unhealthy relationship it can foster with food plays into the hands of eating disorders.

Just think of it; by villainizing an entire group of foods as evil, psychological changes occur that can forge compensatory disorders. It’s not uncommon for orthorexia[ii]

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