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Cellucor C4 Ripped vs. Cellucor C4 50X

What is Cellucor C4 Ripped?

Cellucor C4 Ripped is a popular upgrade to the traditional C4 formula that focuses more on leaning out and getting shredded than its predecessor. Packed with a thermogenic punch for metabolic boosting, C4 Ripped is effective as an all-around pre-workout with a fat burning boost. However, when it comes to all-out energy, C4 Ripped can't compare with C4 50X.



  • C4 Ripped can be broken down into two categories: energy boosting and fat burning. Its energy blend provides nearly 400 mg of the following: Caffeine Anhydrous, Velvet Bean, and N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine. These ingredients are an excellent line-up for when you need a big boost in your energy levels. (1-3).


  • Despite the energy boosting line-up, C4 50X is going to be the better pick for energy. It provides you with 200 mg of caffeine per serving from THREE different caffeine types including Anhydrous, XCelicor, and TeaCor. Compare that to the 150 mg of caffeine found in C4 Ripped. (1-4)


  • C4 Ripped also contains a thermogenic (fat burning) blend that features scientifically proven ingredients including L-Carnitine, Green Tea Extract, and Capsicum. This is where C4 Ripped shines as the thermogenic compounds help to promote weight loss and fat burning. C4 50X contains no thermogenic compounds as it is strictly an energy-focused blend. (1-2, 5-6)


Why You Should Use Cellucor C4 Ripped

While not as powerful of a pre-workout as C4 50X, C4 Ripped is going to be the ideal choice for when your focus is a boost in energy AND you also want to support lean gains or begin a cutting phase. It packs an industry standard blend of energy boosting ingredients but the real strength of C4 Ripped is in the thermogenic compounds that trigger a higher level of fat burning.


Things to Watch Out for With Cellucor C4 Ripped

C4 Ripped is definitely an improvement over the traditional C4 formula; however, using C4 Ripped is going to depend heavily on what your personal fitness goals are AND your tolerance to thermogenic compounds.

If your primary goal is to skyrocket energy levels and you need a higher dose of caffeine to do that, then C4 Ripped may not be your best option. Instead, you'd want to choose C4 50X.

If, however, you want to focus on fat loss, then C4 Ripped has your back. It provides an excellent fat burning blend WHILE boosting energy levels to a level that is considered normal when compared to products across the industry.


What is Cellucor C4 50X?

Another upgrade to the C4 series, Cellucor C4 50X is every bit as powerful as the name suggests. It still holds the foundation of the original formula; however, what sets it apart is the increase in energy boosting ingredients across the board.



  • C4 50X is solely focused on your energy levels and it makes this abundantly clear by offering you 200 mg of caffeine per serving from THREE different caffeine types including Anhydrous, XCelicor, and TeaCor. These three forms of caffeine have been shown to be effective at amplifying energy levels for an extended period of time. Best of all, there is no crash.


  • C4 50X also contains a variety of proven pre-workout ingredients including Beta Alanine, Creatine, and Arginine. All of these ingredients may be able to promote performance and results. What's more, they are dosed appropriately, according to previous studies and research. In other words, you are getting the dosages that are most likely to provide the best results. (1-4)


Why You Should Use Cellucor C4 50X

Cellucor C4 50X is made exclusively to ensure you have an incredible workout. If you are someone who has built up a tolerance to caffeine or you just want to ensure you can crush your workout after a long day then C4 50X is for you.

50X doesn't feature the weight loss compounds like C4 Ripped; however, it isn't marketed as a weight loss supplement. If you want a boost in your fat loss and you're not too worried about energy levels, then C4 Ripped is the better pick.


Things to Watch Out for With Cellucor C4 50x

Celucor C4 50x contains 200mg of caffeine per serving along with several other pre-workout ingredients. If you have a caffeine sensitivity, then C4 50X may be too much to handle. We'd recommend trying a less aggressive pre-workout such as C4 Ripped or you can simply halve the dose.



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