BSN Hyper Shred Review


Flavour 8.5/10 OVERALL. Note: BSN is known for having a pretty sweet flavouring system.

Blueberry lemonade 8.5/10
Citrus Pineapple 8.0/10
Strawberry Orange 9/10

Does it enhance thermogenesis? Yes. Namely, the Capsimax & caffeine are responsible for this. The general consensus here is that we all noticed an increase in body temperature roughly 30 minutes after taking it.

Does it address fat metabolism/lipolysis? Yes. Thank god for Acetyl L-Carnitine

Does it aid in mood enhancement? Yes. (a.k.a. make you feel less like sh*t on low carb days) HELL YEAH. L-tyrosine, L-theanine, Huperzine A (from toothed clubmoss) & the Longan Fruit extract.

Does it contain a glucose disposal agent? No. We would have liked to have seen something that could help stabilise glucose & insulin levels, e.g. hydroxy-citric acid, Alpha lipoic acid or green coffee bean extract.

Keep in mind that a short-term trial was executed on this product. However, all of us noticed an increase in body temperature roughly 30 minutes post ingestion. This hints that a thermogenic effect took place. WARNING! If you are performing cardio on this product…bring an extra towel because you WILL SWEAT from places you didn't know you could sweat from. Trust us on this one... In regards to APPETITE - 70% off us who tried the product found a reduction the in desire to eat. One staff member who performs INTERMITTENT FASTING found that they were able to push their 'eating window' back by 2.5 hours any day that they took the product. This allowed them to decrease their total calories intake for those days.

ENERGY: The energy that this product provides is phenomenal. You will find that it provides a moderate to high energy yield, without the jitters – We call this the 'clean energy' feeling. What really stood out to us was the EUPHORIC FEELING that this fat burner produces. We ALL agree that doing cardio felt much easier than usual. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE POST WORKOUT FEELS? We all experienced a greater sense of elation compared to when it was not taken. 'How long does the energy last?' We say 1-3 hours. Pre workout Crash? Nope!

If you are in the market for a energy inducing, euphoria creating, delicious tasting fat burner, then head over

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