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07/12/2023 Update: NEW Red Frogs Flavoured Amino Z Electrolyte!

What’s new this week at Amino Z! ? Red Frogs flavoured electrolytes! Amino Z Electrolyte features a simple and effective electrolyte blend formulated for those who need to maximise their performance. This comprehensive hydration formula was designed to prevent muscular cramps, replace vital fluids and replenish essential electrolytes lost during exercise. Amino Z Electrolyte covers all bases, whether you’re an elite athlete or an everyday gym-goer.

What you can expect from Amino Z Electrolyte

• May result in less muscle cramping
• Replenishment of electrolytes (Sodium and Potassium)
• May reduce fatigue

Shop for all your supplement needs in one place at www.aminoz.com.au or click the link in our bio! Use code A-TPC for 20-22% off your supps!

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