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Weight Loss Supplements

Numerous scientific studies have been conducted on losing body fat. Many of these weight loss studies have discovered that certain weight loss supplements can be used to help control appetite. However, a healthy nutrition plan in collaboration with calorie restriction, regular exercise and proper workout supplementation still works best.

Including supplements in your fitness programme can usually help lose body fat at a faster rate and promote other health-related benefits such as improved appetite control, increased energy and maintenance or increase in lean body mass.

Natural appetite suppressants lead the way in terms of weight loss supplements. Recent research has indicated that these have a positive effect on reducing feelings of hunger and food intake whilst promoting satiety.

Another sub-category for these supplements is under the lipotropics and fat metabolisers heading. These diet supplements contain ingredients that help stimulate the body to use more fat for energy. Recent clinical studies revealed that along with diet and exercise, L-carnitine supplements resulted in losing more fat than from diet and exercise alone. They have been shown to help increase the fat loss rate in some people. L-carnitine is also demonstrated to promote increased endurance.

One more sub-category worth mentioning is under the thermogenic aids heading. These supplements stimulate the body to burn up more fatty acids which increases a persons metabolic rate. Many people also experience improved appetite control. Some of these include caffeine, green tea, guarana, kola nut and yerba mate.

Amino Z Thermogenic
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