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Sick of forgetting to re-order your supps on time? Now with SMS 2 Re-order, you can send a single SMS and have your supps dispatched immediately without the hassle of ever opening a browser!

FREE Priority Dispatch!

Using SMS 2 Re-order automatically qualifies you for free shipping with a bonus free priority dispatch upgrade! This means that if you order before 2pm and your order is in stock, we will dispatch on the same-day!

14 Day Best Price Guarantee

Even though we’ve got the best prices in Australia, if within 14 days you find a cheaper price delivered elsewhere, we’ll refund the difference to you!

How does SMS 2 Re-order work?

It’s quite simple. When you receive your order from Amino Z, all eligible products for re-order will have an SMS 2 Re-order sticker with a unique re-order code. This code is specific to your account and that product that you have ordered. All you need to do is SMS that re-order code to us at 0438 252 715 and we’ll take care of the rest!

How do we take payment?

Payment is automatically made using the credit card saved to your account. (We use, a leading global merchant who ensures that your card details remain secure – nothing is stored on our servers).  If you haven’t got a credit card attached to your account, simply log into your account, click on “My Payment Data” and add a credit card securely from there.

If you send us a re-order SMS and you don’t have card details on file, we’ll reply back with instructions so we can still process your order.

Will I receive Z points?

You sure will. You’ll receive them just as if you were ordering through the website.

Where will the re-order be sent?

We automatically send it to your default shipping address in your account. Upon placing your order, we will send an SMS confirmation of the full order and the delivery address. If you need to make any changes you can just reply back by SMS and we’ll handle it for you. Your default shipping address will automatically be set with your first order attached to your account, but if you want to modify it, go into your Account > Addresses

What if something is out of stock?

Don’t worry – we will SMS you back within a minute with any stock availability issues and await your confirmation before proceeding with the order. If it’s partially in stock, we will offer to send off what’s in stock now and dispatch the rest once received from our suppliers.

Can I change flavours, order more than 1, order multiple products and add comments?

Absolutely – you can do this in a single SMS! And here’s how. If you want to re-order the exact same item, just SMS the code. But if you also want to modify quantity, flavour, or order multiple items you can! Simply follow this format: [CODE] Q[QUANTITY] [COMMENTS] (replacing the parts in square brackets and repeat for each item you want to re-order).

Let’s assume one product code is XXXXXX (item 1) and another YYYYYY (item 2). Here’s the SMS code you can send to customise your order:

Re-order 1  of item 1: XXXXXX
Re-order 2 of item 1: XXXXXX Q2
Re-order 1 of item 1 and 1 of item 2: XXXXXX YYYYYY
Re-order 2 of item 1 and 4 of item 2: XXXXXX Q2 YYYYYY Q4
Re-order 7 of item 1 and 3 of item 2, but also get a different flavour for item 1: XXXXXX Q7 Can you please send strawberry? YYYYYY Q3
Re-order 1 of item 2 and leave some order comments: YYYYYY Please leave at reception, thanks!
Re-order items 1 and 2, change flavours for both & leave order comments: XXXXXX Chocolate YYYYYY Vanilla Leave at front door

Is there anything else I should know?

Here are a few important things to note:

- The mobile phone from which you place your re-order must be linked up to a shipping or billing address in your account. This is how verify authenticity.
- The price guarantee is bound by the same terms and conditions as our price beat guarantee

If you’ve got any other questions please feel free to contact us directly!

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