Other Vitamins

Vitamins not classified as A, B, C, D and E fall under this category of the supplement store. The most notable is, of course, Vitamin K.

Vitamin K is an essential vitamin because it aids the body to avoid any excessive blood flow, especially during cuts and injuries. In short, one of its great benefits is giving people the ability to heal after they cut themselves. People who do not have enough Vitamin K are usually prone to too many nosebleeds and bruises. When they experience deep cuts, they have a tendency to bleed profusely.

Another benefit of Vitamin K is it helps keep the blood healthy, helping people to live longer in the process. More recently, it has also been determined to be important in bone formation and maintenance. As athletes (both professional and recreational) undergoing strenuous training are constantly damaging tissue, a supplemental amount of Vitamin K is warranted to ensure adequate intake.

Some good sources of this vitamin are green and leafy vegetables which include broccoli, spinach, asparagus and Brussels sprouts. It can also be obtained from vegetable oils like canola oil, soy bean oil and olive oil. Bear in mind that consuming a certain amount of fats (especially the good ones mentioned previously) allows the body to absorb the necessary amount of Vitamin K. Other notable sources include yogurt, cheese products, coffee and green tea.

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