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Applying a great tanning product on your body will give your physique an edge whether competing in bodybuilding or having a great time outdoors. Tanning is essentially an increase in skin pigment called melanin. Almost all people have the same number of melanocytes (cells which are stimulated by sunlight once it has penetrated the top layer of skin known as the epidermis). It is a persons heredity that determines how melanin the melanocytes produce, and therefore, how well he or she tans. This procedure is crucial to a bodybuilders success.

The tanned skin will show the muscles and cuts he worked so hard for. Needless to say, tanning creams are crucial during competitions, television appearances and photo shoots. Regardless whether a person is into bodybuilding or not, a tan exudes a healthy, vibrant and even sexy appearance. This can do wonders for a persons confidence and self-esteem. The most convenient way to tan is to use sunless creams. In general, the best way to use them is to take a shower and then apply the cream using either rubber or plastic gloves. Make sure to apply as evenly as possible to all exposed areas of the body.


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