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Pre-workout supplements are specifically manufactured to provide the exerciser with more energy and consequently, a better workout. Quality fitness supplements have propriety ingredients which are intended for this purpose.

In general, these supplements are intended to increase blood and oxygen flow throughout an actual workout which is the reason for the energy boost. Consuming them will allow a person to work out for a longer period of time.

Aside from providing much-needed energy, pre-workout supplements are meant to facilitate a faster recovery process. They supply vital nutrients and amino acids to the body for use during a training session at the fitness centre. These nutrients ensure that the breakdown of muscle tissue is minimised.

There is a difference in absorption time among certain supplements, but generally speaking, the best results come from taking the supplement about an hour prior to the workout.

Choosing pre-workout supplements is really an issue about ones individual needs. The supplement form is one thing to be considered. It can be taken as a pill or powder. Although the powdered form is absorbed faster, the pill has the edge when it comes to convenience as it can be taken anywhere.

Amino Z Pre Workout STIM  Stevia 34 Serves

Amino Z Pre Workout STIM Stevia 34 Serves

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Results begin with hard work and that effort requires focus, energy, and 
determination. Amino Z Stim Pre-Workout combines the best 
scientifically-proven ingredients to provide you with energy for body 
and mind.

The Science of Amino Z Stim Pre-Workout

Amino Z Stim Pre-Workout was meticulously researched and crafted, 
bringing you a unique formula based on real science.

Triad Stimulant Blend: Amino Z Stim Pre-Workout combines three of the 
best stimulants – Caffeine Anhydrous, N-Methyltyramine, and Higenamine – 
to deliver a well-rounded boost of energy for muscle and mind alike.

Caffeine has long been regarded as the foundational pre-workout 
ingredient as it has been shown to improve focus, reaction time, and 
sports performance. (1)

A citrus tree alkaloid, studies found that N-Methyltyramine was able to 
significantly improve reaction-based performance, focus, and overall 
energy levels. (2)

A traditional herbal extract found in Chinese medicine, Higenamine 
increases performance by promoting stored fatty acids as fuel and 
increasing focus much like caffeine. (3)

Beta Alanine (3200 mg.): An amino acid that causes a characteristic 
tingling sensation in your neck and face, beta alanine is a pre-workout 
staple. It has been shown in a variety of studies to increase 
strength-based performance levels and overall energy. (4)

L-Tyrosine (1500mg.) This amino acid is a natural way to significantly 
increase cognitive performance and focus while lifting mental fog. As a 
pre-workout ingredient, L-tyrosine can improve reaction time and mental 
performance during training. (5)

Citrulline Malate (6,000 mg.): Popular among athletes and natural 
bodybuilders, citrulline malate can increase energy and overall strength 
output. One study found that those using citrulline malate saw an 
increase of up to 52% in anerobic performance. In that same study, 
subjects reported a 40% reduction in muscle soreness within 24 hours. 

Achieve elite results with Amino Z Stim Pre-Workout.


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