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L Methionine

Methionine is an indispensable sulphur-bearing amino acid. It is involved in transmethylation, a metabolic process that is vital to the manufacture of several compounds. It is also involved in the synthesis of creatine.

Methionine is a limiting amino acid in many proteins, especially in plant proteins. It functions in the removal of metabolic waste products from the liver and assists in the breakdown of fat and the prevention of fatty buildup in the liver and arteries. It is used to make choline and is commonly added to meal replacement drinks and other nutrient beverages containing soy protein because it increases the quality of the protein.

Furthermore, it helps the body process and eliminate fat. It is also required to produce cysteine and taurine, which help eliminate toxins and build strong, healthy tissues (including muscle tissues). It also promotes cardiovascular health, which is crucial for people who regularly work out.

L-methionine supplements are recommended for anyone who regularly endures strenuous exercise such as bodybuilding. It is necessary for the energy needed for short, intense workouts and to protect the muscular system.

Mean dietary intake of methionine is 1.8 grams daily, with the highest intake at around 4.1 grams per day in the general population.

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