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L Glycine

Glycine is a conditionally dispensable amino acid that is synthesised from serine, with folate acting as a coenzyme (enzyme cofactor). Glycine gets its name from the Greek word meaning “sweet". It is an important precursor of many substances in the body, including protein, DNA, phospholipids, collagen and creatine. It is also a precursor in the release of energy and has been shown to increase growth hormone levels.

Glycine is also used by the liver in the elimination of toxic substances and in the formation of bile salts. It is necessary for the proper functioning of the central nervous system and is an inhibitory neurotransmitter.

During rapid growth, the body's demand for glycine increases. Studies have confirmed that the use of glycine supplements causes an increase in growth hormone. Some studies have also noted that glycine ingestion causes an increase in strength, possibly due in part to its elevation of the growth hormone level or increased collagen synthesis. Supplemental glycine has additionally been shown to increase body creatine levels.

Short-term use of 1-6 grams daily in divided dosages may be beneficial for power athletes and bodybuilders training for increased strength and muscle mass, as well as connective tissue repair and maintenance.

Like with all free-form amino acids, use glycine supplements with caution. In full profile amino acid products, glycine is typically contained in protein supplements and supplements that contain hydrolysed collagen and gelatine.
Body Ripped Sports Pro Series L-Glycine 100g

Body Ripped Sports Pro Series L-Glycine 100g

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L-GLYCINE is a 'non-essential' amino acid which plays many roles in human metabolism. Of interest to athletes is Glycine's key role in collagen formation (Glycine comprises 1/3 of the protein in collagen), plus its ability to increase energy by enhancing creatine levels. Glycine's other athletic applications are; boosting Growth Hormone, reducing anxiety, and potential use as an anti-catabolic pre-workout aid.

L-Glycine is most commonly used by athletes to enhance collagen formation (for recovery from injury), or before bed for the dual purposes of enhanced Growth Hormone release and anxiety reduction. Glycine is also often utilised as a pre-workout energy booster.
Gen-Tec Nutraceuticals L-Glycine 200g

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GEN-TEC NUTRACEUTICALS source, blend and package 100% pure pharmaceutical grade L-Glycine powder. L-Glycine supplementation is a conditionally essential amino acid for individuals engaging in intensive exercise.

Glycine is a non-essential amino acid which often becomes essential in people who have heavy metabolic demands. Glycine supplementation is responsible for energy production by assisting in the conversion of glucose to energy as well as repair and collagen synthesis for strong tendons and tissues.
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