Personal Training with Jay Bonaretti

Achieving the body of your dreams can be a daunting task, especially with all the conflicting information out there. Having a personal trainer will provide you with the necessary tools, motivation and accountability required to accomplish your goals and feel great about your body.

From both first-hand experience (having won the national title for the Australian Ironman BodyBlitz 12 Week Transformation Competition) and also from professional experience since 2006, Jay knows exactly what it takes to go from "Average Joe" to something you never thought possible.

Below are just a few clients that Jay has worked intensively with over the years:


Lachlan NSW


"I've been working with Jay for almost 2 years now. I've stuck with Jay throughout this time because I've found his programs to be very effective as well as varied enough to keep me motivated, challenged and seeing continual improvement.

Jay's support was incredible throughout my recent bodyblitz entry, something that I would never have thought myself able to achieve.

The greatest learning I’ve taken from Jay is a holistic approach to fitness – exercise and diet alone are not enough. It’s really the mindset with which you approach every challenge, every day, every rep, every meal that can give you great results. Jay seems to have an exceptional talent at bringing that out in his clients."


"I've been exercising since I was 18 years-old and am now 31, I always sought to have slim sides, stomach and thighs, but could never seem to achieve it. Through two childbirths, various unexpected medical conditions or simply feeling less motivated when comparing my results with my expectations my weight invariably would return in the winter months when my motivation was at it's lowest. My diet decisions were what I had thought were on the most part health conscious choices, with family and friends always commenting on how healthy I ate, but yet could not seem to tone these parts of my body with cardio work and weights at my local gym, it had been very frustrating.

I was so happy, and Jay was very motivational, through out the whole process. The program was easy to follow, and anything I needed advice on I could get.

Thank you Jay for your advice and motivation, you truly have changed my life for the better, I feel like me now, the real me :)"

John QLD


"My name is John Caleta, I am 39 year old and live in Mackay, Qld. My lower back problems, lifestyle and age gradually caused me to lose my younger day looks -toned, muscular body. I wanted to get proven results that work for me, as on my own – I’ve got nowhere.

Jay tailored a specific diet and training regime to help me achieve this elusive goal of gaining strength and losing fat – at the same time. He gives good professional advice that is well chosen and in fine tune with my own goals and circumstances. His service is on high level, his answers accurate and his approach professional."

Sarah QLD


"I've never been fit in my life. Ever. I come from a family whose concept of get togethers always involved massive amounts of food and exercise is not something that has ever been part of my day-to-day life. Had the odd gym membership over the years, which made me feel good while I was there but as soon as the membership expired it was back to square one again!

I had absolutely no idea what to expect, but both Jay's exercise and nutrition programs were impressive! Some days I felt like I was on top of the world and other days I felt like I had hit rock bottom, but through everything Jay was so supportive, always had the right advice and was extremely positive and encouraging. Somehow he always made even my bad days look good!

For the first time I figured out what that word 'exercise' actually means and how it fits into my life. And most importantly, I found that that elusive word 'fit' is not that foreign and scary and might actually apply to me! I literally feel like I have a new lease on life - if I can completely smash a mindset about exercise that I've had my whole life, then anything is possible!

Andrew NSW


"I started from a very low base in 2010. I hadn't exercised in over a decade and even before then, previous attempts at getting fit we're pretty much sabotaged by a lack of confidence and lack of knowledge. Even as a teenager, I did whatever it took to get out of sport or PE, so I'd never really developed any skills around exercise or fitness.

However, turning 40 was a real motivator, especially when that coincided with the realisation that I was a skinny guy with a fat middle and that if I didn't make a change it was just going to get worse. Initially I signed up with a telephone health coaching service run by the NSW Government, and that gave me the initial discipline to get my diet and physical activity back on track. I had told that coach not to expect me to do any more exercise than walk, but by the end of my coaching I was running 5 km. I was ready for more, but didn't know what or how, and that's where AminoZ came in.

Living in the country, it's not easy to access a gym or specialised fitness equipment, so I looked for some help online. Google brought me to Amino Z and my first three month challenge with Jay. It was tough, but I loved it. The focus was diet, strength training and cardio, and while progress towards my lofty goals was sometimes slow and frustrating, the motivation and sense of accountability I got from working with you kept me going when all previous attempts at exercise had failed.

The three month challenge turned into three years of training, because I enjoyed the support, motivation and professional expertise I experienced. With this support, I continued to train through major renovations at home and major restructuring at work, events that ordinarily would have led me to a bottle of wine and plate of cheese rather than exercise. Every centimetre I lost around my waist and gained around my shoulders motivated me to do more.

Eventually it was time for me to go it alone, and it was only once I stopped the formal training arrangements that I realised the impact working with Amino Z has had on me. These days, I'm constantly motivated to exercise, and more than that, I know how. I really enjoy sourcing new training routines for myself.  I have the confidence to try new activities and to tinker with my diet to get better results.  It's a whole new way of life and I feel great because of it.

What has really impressed me about working with Jay and Amino Z is that what I've learnt has been completely sustainable. Six months later, my waist is still just under my target level and my other measurements have actually improved. I'm still enthusiastic to push myself further, and I know how to do it.  I'm in the best shape I've ever been in, and and instead of finding birthdays a little bit depressing, I actually enjoy the milestone of another year because I've found myself thinking, how much better shape can I be in for my next birthday."


Getting Started with Jay

Availability is highly limited as Jay has a strict limit on the number of clients that he trains. Prior to any consultation, Jay kindly asks that you complete an "expression of interest" application form in order for Jay to assess your suitability for the personal training services offered. His chargeable rate begins at $485 per hour for both online and face-to-face coaching.

Should you be interested in enquiring about his services, please call his office directly on (02) 8188 1356 and his assistant will be able to assist you in your enquiry.

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