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L-Taurine Supplements

Taurine is a dispensable sulphur-bearing amino acid that plays a role in brain tissue in nervous system functioning. It is involved in blood pressure regulation and in the transportation of the electrolytes across cell membranes. It is found in the heart, muscles, central nervous system and brain.

Taurine is also found in the eye which may help explain its ability to maintain good vision and eye functioning. Some of its other benefits include bile acid function, detoxification of foreign substances in the body, membrane stabilisation, antioxidant activity, osmoregulation, cell proliferation as well as intracellular and extracellular calcium regulation.

It also plays an important role in exercise and bodybuilding in terms of nitric oxide production. The lower the levels of taurine in the body are, the lower the nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide is responsible for widening the blood channels which translate to greater blood flow. This, in turn, leads to greater oxygen and nutrient delivery.

Because of its value in making sure nitric oxide levels in the body are enough, taurine is ideal to stack with other nitric oxide supplements to increase hemodilation and improve muscle pump. Ideal dosage is around three to five grams daily.
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