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Stress Supplements

Physicians have stated emphatically that stress is a killer. It takes its toll on the immune system which results in a host of ailments ranging from diarrhoea to cardiovascular disease.

People do not need to carry such a burden. Regular exercise, proper nutrition and sufficient sleep are potent ways to effectively reduce stress levels. By adding supplements to this all-important mix, stress will be reduced to the lowest possible levels!

Our supplement line-up has the best and effective ingredients which are guaranteed to help improve your quality of life!

One such ingredient is kava. It is the term used for both the root plant and the beverage made from it. Its root is ground to a powder and has a brownish colour. The kava lactones which are the plant chemicals that produce the desired effects, have been studied in the use of relaxing stiff muscles by blocking signals in the users nerves. This stress-reducing herb should only be used by healthy adults occasionally.

Another powerful ingredient is the valerian herb. Of its more than two hundred known species, the Eurasian variety is generally used to relieve anxiety, depression and poor sleep. This herb, when taken three times or more during the day, including taking it before bedtime, relieves anxiety.
Amino Z L-Theanine
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