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Sleep Supplements

A good number of people have sleep problems. They may be physiological or psychological in nature. Whatever the case may be, interrupted sleep and insomnia are literally nightmares that are sure to get in the way of not only a persons fitness programme, but in his or her quality of life as well.

Our trusted line-up of supplements will help you conquer any sleep-related problem you are having. This is because these supplements are fortified with trusted herbal ingredients that are guaranteed to help you snooze away:

1. Lemon balm-its scientific name is Melissa officinalis and is most commonly referred to as the Melissa. This herbal supplement is helpful in promoting good sleep and also helps in relaxing the bodys muscles. It has a popular mint taste which, when added to tea, calms the nerves and helps a person snooze away.

2. Lavender-considered as a soothing herb and is also known for promoting good and healthy sleep. This herb is used as one of the best aids for elderly people who suffer from lack of sleep and for babies with colic.

3. Chamomile-an herb with a pleasant taste which belongs to the family of daisies. It helps in relaxing the nerves and muscles. It is found in all the relaxing herbal teas and is known for its calming effects.

4. Hops-it is naturally found in beer. To offset its bitter flavour, it should be mixed with lemon balm. This supplement plays a key role in treating insomnia and is also used as a pain reliever.

5. Valerian-a supplement used as an effective aid and is found in almost all herbal teas. Valerian has a sweet scent and a soothing effect on the muscles.
Ehp Labs OxySleep 40 serves
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Ehp Labs OxySleep 40 serves
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