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Immunity Vitamins

A good number of people are now resorting to colds, flu and immunity supplements to improve their chances of warding off these ailments. These supplements have become wildly successful hence the increased demand in the Australian market.

These supplements contain one or more of the following ingredients which have been found to protect against colds and flu and boost the bodys immune system:

1. Echinacea-some studies suggest it can reduce the length and severity of colds by 10% to 30%. The best evidence supports taking Echinacea purpurea, which may work better for adults than for children.

2. Elderberry-promising evidence points out to elderberry as an efficient flu treatment. It appears to boost the production of some immune cells and may also help block a virus ability to spread.

3. Garlic-garlic seems to stimulate the immune system and may help fight viruses. Some studies also suggest it may also help lower the risk of catching colds.

4. Andrographis-it is known as the Indian Echinacea. Evangeline Lausier, MD of the Duke University Integrative Medicine in North Carolina says it seems to stimulate the immune system. Whats more is that certain studies also suggest its ability to improve symptoms of colds.

To conclude, other supplements sold as natural colds and flu remedies include astragalus, goldenseal, kiwi and boneset. Each presents unique health benefits that are worth reaping.
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