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Brain Supplements

In general, brain supplements in the market aim to improve overall brain function. Since the brain is constantly working, it may suffer some damage or deterioration. Supplements seek to prevent either occurrence and boost overall function by maximising certain processes within this organ. They are not meant to treat any brain disease. Instead, they assist, boost and improve the physiologic function for optimum mental performance.

Since ageing is a natural process, it causes the brain to lose certain functions. Some problems that may arise include memory loss, lower concentration levels, anxiety, stress, depression and bipolar disorders.

Taking supplements ensures that this all-important organ is protected and nourished. Some noted benefits of these supplements are as follows:

1. Energy source-since the brain is a key organ in regulating almost all body functions, it has to have enough energy. Glucose is the primary energy source. Certain supplements promote glucose metabolism in the body which helps the brain acquire more energy for optimum function.

2. Effect on neurotransmitters-these neurotransmitters in the brain regulate human behaviour, mood, sleep, energy levels and eating habits. A boost in neurotransmitter levels produces a feeling of well-being and enhances ones mood.

3. Cognitive function enhancement and protection-roughly 60 percent of the brain is made up of lipids. They play a key role in its structure, chemical energy provision and protection of brain cells. Supplements containing ALA and DHA derived from essential fatty acids help protect it against deterioration and enhance brain functions.
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