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Ghost WHEY

By: Ghost

Ghost WHEY Ghost WHEY

Ghost WHEY

By: Ghost


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This product has been replaced by Amino Z Whey Protein Concentrate WPC.

We regularly reivew our product selection and replace less popular and/or outdated products with alternatives that we feel represent better value for our customers.

Amino Z Whey Protein Concentrate WPC
CZ Club Z $45.11


GHOST WHEY combines a premium 100% whey protein blend with natural digestive enzymes and amazing, featured flavours.


Most brands (and people, in our opinion) get all crazy and tend to overthink their protein. We wanted to keep GHOST® WHEY as simple as possible, rocking a premium, fully disclosed, 100% whey protein blend, a few natural digestives enzymes that have worked best for us, and out of this world flavors. Cut. Print. Enjoy.

• GHOST® Full Disclosure Label
• 25G+ Protein from Whey Protein Isolate, Concentrate and Hydrolysate
• F*&#!ing Delicious

Total Serves per Package: 26

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (35g)

Per 35g ServePer 100g
Energy542.9 kJ1551 kJ
Protein24.9 g71 g
Carbohydrate3.9 g11 g
Sugar2.1 g6 g
Fibre1.1 g3 g
Fat1.4 g4 g
Saturated Fat1.1 g3 g
Sodium160 mg457 mg

GHOST® Whey Protein Blend (71%) (Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate), Natural and Artificual Flavour, Flavour (Cocoa processed with Alkali), Emulsifier (Sunflower Lecithin), Flavour Enhancer (Salt), Enzymes, Thickeners (Cellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum), Sweetener (Sucralose).

Other Ingredients/Information

NOTE: The Nutritional Information & Ingredients is for Milk Chocolate flavour. These may slightly vary depending on different flavours.

Mix up to 2 scoops with 300ml-360ml cold water once per day. Adjust the amount of liquid to achieve your desired cocsistency.


When it comes to products that are hyped up on social media, it's easy to be sceptical about their quality. But with Ghost, it's clear that they're not just all talk.

If you're looking for a top-notch supplement and don't mind paying a little extra, Ghost is definitely worth a try. You'll be getting a product that's carefully crafted by people who are passionate about what they do.

Category Scores

Nutrition & Directions
Taste & Texture
User Data
Value for Money


  • Delicious flavours
  • High quality ingredients
  • Awesome packaging


  • A little pricey
  • Only comes in one size


Ghost has undoubtedly made a name for itself by riding the social media wave and strategically partnering with some of the hottest influencers in the fitness industry. With savvy collaborations with well-known brands like Oreo and Chips Ahoy, Ghost has effectively captured the attention of sugar-craving gym bros all around the world.

Let's dive in to find out if Ghost Whey deserves all the clout that it receives.

Nutrition & Directions



NOTE: The Nutritional Information & Ingredients is for Milk Chocolate flavour. These may vary slightly depending on different flavours.

Ghost whey contains a blend of whey isolate, concentrate, and hydrolysed isolate. Here are the differences between these types of whey.

Whey Isolate is a more refined form of whey protein that has undergone additional processing to remove almost all of the fat and lactose. Whey isolate typically contains 90% protein, making it a higher quality and more expensive form of whey protein than whey concentrate. Whey isolate is also more quickly absorbed by the body than whey concentrate, making it a good option for post-workout recovery.

Whey Concentrate is the most common and affordable form of whey protein. It is made by separating whey protein from the milk and drying it into a powder. Whey concentrate typically contains around 80% protein, with the remaining 20-30% made up of fat and lactose.

Hydrolysed Whey Isolate is the most processed and expensive form of whey protein. It undergoes one additional process to break down the protein into smaller particles, making it even more quickly absorbed by the body than whey isolate. Hydrolysed whey isolate is typically 90-95% protein, with almost no fat or lactose. It is a good option for those who want the fastest possible protein absorption, but it is also the most expensive form of whey protein.

As we make our way through the rest of the ingredient list, it's clear that Ghost uses a combination of artificial and natural flavours alongside sucralose (an artificial sweetener), flavour enhancers such as salt, cocoa, various gum blends for texture and some sunflower lecithin, which is added to ensure the powder mixes smoothly.

But what about those digestive enzymes? While I personally don't care much for them, it's important to acknowledge that some people like having digestive enzymes in their protein powders, especially if they suffer from digestion issues.

While the protein blend is pretty standard, I have to admit that I would have preferred it if they had used natural sweeteners and flavours. However, I was impressed with their decision to use sunflower lecithin instead of the more common soy. On the other hand, including digestive enzymes was a thoughtful touch for those who find them useful.

All in all, Ghost Whey is a solid protein powder with some room for improvement in my books. But hey, we can't have everything we want, can we?

Score: 9/10


Here's a summary of the macronutrients in the Coffee Ice Cream flavour:

  • Calories: 120

  • Protein: 25g

  • Fat: 1.5g

  • Saturated fat: 1g

  • Carbohydrates: 2g

  • Sugars: 1g

These macronutrients are what we would expect to see from a basic whey protein powder. However, Ghost whey falls slightly above average compared to other supplements in the same category and product type, providing 25g of protein per serving as opposed to the 24g industry standard.

Score: 10/10

Label Transparency

As I scrutinised Ghost Whey's ingredient panel, one thing that struck me was the name itself. Despite including high-quality whey protein types like whey protein isolate and hydrolysed isolate, the company has kept it simple and honest by sticking with the name 'Whey.' Kudos to them for not trying to spin it off as some sort of "elite" isolate product.

Ghost truly distinguishes itself from many others in the supplement industry by providing clear and accurate information on their labels, free from exaggerated or misleading claims. In fact, they take their transparency to the next level by providing detailed information on the back label of their products.

One notable example is their fully disclosed protein label, which specifies the exact source and serving size of the protein in their product. This information is vital for consumers who want to ensure that they are getting the protein they need without any amino spiking, a practice where free amino acids are added to protein supplements to artificially increase their perceived protein content.

By providing this level of transparency, the company offers their customers confidence in the quality of their products and the integrity of their business practices. This is a noteworthy deviation from industry norms and sets a higher standard for supplement manufacturers.

Score: 5/5

Directions & Servings

Can I just say, I'm absolutely loving how Ghost is shaking things up in the supplement game. They're not content with just offering your average protein shake, oh no. They want you to explore the depths of your culinary creativity and try something new.

You see, Ghost doesn't just give you directions on how to mix their protein powder with water and call it a day. They suggest alternative ways to use their product that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. It's a refreshingly unique approach that's not often seen in the industry.

Ghost recommends using 5-6 ounces or 147-177ml per scoop of protein, which is quite a flavour-packed punch. But hey, who doesn't love a little intensity in their life? And despite the bold flavours, the scoop size is pretty spot-on with the serving size listed on the label. So you can rest easy knowing that you're getting exactly what you paid for.

Overall, Ghost appears to be brand that's not afraid to break the mould and challenge the status quo. And I, for one, am here for it.

Score: 5/5

Taste & Texture



Cereal Milk: First up, we have the legendary Cereal Milk flavour. And let me tell you. It lives up to the hype. This flavour is so accurate to its name that it's like taking a trip down memory lane to the days when you used to munch on a big bowl of cornflakes with ice-cold milk. There's nothing to fault here, people. It's pure, unadulterated cereal milk goodness in a protein shake. Need I say more?

Iced Coffee Ice Cream: I'll be honest, I was a little apprehensive about trying this one. I've been burnt so many times with coffee-flavoured protein powders. But I'm happy to report that this flavour exceeded all my expectations. It's a true coffee lover's dream come true, with a rich and creamy texture and just the right amount of coffee flavour to satisfy your caffeine cravings. Would I recommend it to someone? Hell yeah, especially if you're a fellow coffee fanatic like myself.

Ghost is seriously raising the bar when it comes to protein flavours. With options like Cereal Milk and Iced Coffee Ice Cream, they're not just meeting expectations; they're exceeding them.

Score: 10/10

Solubility & Texture

When it comes to mixability, Ghost whey sets the standard for excellence. A quick shake in a shaker bottle with a ball is all it takes to achieve a perfectly smooth and consistent blend.

Score: 10/10

User Data



Ghost Whey enjoys a considerable level of popularity, but it still has some ground to cover before it can catch up to some of its leading competitors.

Score: 4/5

Value for Money


Size Options

One area where Ghost Whey falls short is its limited product size offerings. With only one size option currently available at 907g, it scores lower compared to competitors who offer a range of sizes. The availability of a variety of sizes can be a determining factor for consumers who prioritize flexibility and convenience when it comes to purchasing protein supplements.

Score: 1/5

Ghost Whey Protein 2lbs


When it comes to packaging, there's no better word to describe Ghost's approach than legendary. From the practicality of their scoop placement to the durability of their recyclable HDPE jars, this brand has really nailed it.

One of the coolest features of Ghost's packaging is the clever technique they use to store the scoop right at the top of the container. By wedging the scoop between the neck of the bottle, it's always within easy reach and never gets lost in the powder. It's little details like this that showcase the brand's innovative and creative approach to product design.

In addition to their scoop placement, Ghost takes the security of their products seriously with seals on every single one. And their commitment to environmental sustainability shines through with their use of HDPE jars that not only protect the product from damage but are also recyclable.

Overall, Ghost's packaging not only looks great but also demonstrates a thoughtful and practical approach that sets them apart from the competition.

Score: 5/5

Ghost Whey Protein Nutritional InformationGhost Whey Protein DirectionsGhost Whey Protein Ingredients

Price Range

Get ready to break open your piggy bank if you want to try Ghost Whey, because at $2.99 per serving, it's definitely on the pricier side of the spectrum. But before you let the price scare you away, take a moment to appreciate the brand's dedication to quality and creativity.

Ghost Whey is not your average budget-friendly protein powder. They have partnered with big-name food companies like Oreo and Sour Patch Kids, which doesn't come cheap. But with these partnerships, Ghost is able to create unique and delicious flavours that you won't find anywhere else.

While their high price tag may not score them high in the "value" category, it's important to remember that Ghost never intended to create a budget product. They are focused on delivering a premium, high-quality product that stands out from the competition.

Score: 3/10


Ghost have clearly invested considerable effort and care in creating an awesome product, as evidenced by the quality of its flavour, label design, contents, and even the placement of the scoop. However, as with all good things, these benefits do come at a price.

But let's get to the real question: Would I recommend this to my friends and family? Absolutely, if they are in search of a high-quality, delicious, and lean whey protein supplement and don't mind splurging a little. Ghost Whey is an excellent choice for those looking to invest in a top-of-the-line product.

Ghost WHEY Reviews
There are currently 19 Reviews Please add your own review,
if you are interested in reviewing for Ghost WHEY
The BEST Protein
By Travis reviewed on 31/03/2021

Verified buyerA verified buyer is someone who has purchased this product from Amino Z

I absolutely love Ghost protein. The taste is phenomenal. And the mixability in both shaker and/or with your breakfast is outstanding.
50% of 2 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No
Like a milk shake
By Bill reviewed on 19/07/2020

Verified buyerA verified buyer is someone who has purchased this product from Amino Z

The Ghost whey coffee ice cream flavour if you drink it with milk it taste very similar to oak ice coffee heavily recommend their brand.
33.33% of 3 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No
Best tasting protein!
By Alex reviewed on 16/04/2020

Verified buyerA verified buyer is someone who has purchased this product from Amino Z

Great tasting protein, tastes just like cinnamon toast crunch.
Not too sweet, mixes really well. Slightly thicker than something like your ON Gold Standard whey.
My stomach can sometimes disagree with whey when I have it in the morning but never have any issues with this however.
The coffee ice cream is also nice
50% of 2 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No
Above average protein.
By Ralph reviewed on 10/04/2020

Verified buyerA verified buyer is someone who has purchased this product from Amino Z

Coffee ice cream flavour is different. Still doesn’t taste as smooth as ON whey. Packaging is on point though.
33.33% of 3 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No
Best flavours, poor value
By David reviewed on 5/04/2020

Verified buyerA verified buyer is someone who has purchased this product from Amino Z

Cinnamon and Fruity Cereal Milk are my favourite Ghost protein flavours and they're delicious even when mixed with water, happy to drink either of them non-stop but do note they're very sweet. The Coffee Ice Cream is ok but I think it' needs to be mixed with milk to really lift the flavour up, so I won't be buying that again. Blueberry Toaster Pastry has a real tart artificial blueberry bite to it which I think could be plarising, but the 'toaster pastry' bits in it are just annoying and stick to the container not adding much to the experience- so another flavour I won't buy again.

This protein is just too expensive, even though it is great stuff. If you can get it for $55 or less then it's ok but the lack of a bigger tub makes this a pretty expensive option which is the only negative, the flavour, texture and mixability really is 5 star. Give it a go when the price is right.
25% of 4 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No
No.1 Whey Protein
By Lloyd reviewed on 4/09/2019

Verified buyerA verified buyer is someone who has purchased this product from Amino Z

The Ghost Whey is at the top of the charts when it comes to flavour and texture. Go to flavour is the Peanut Butter Cereal Milk.
33.33% of 3 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No
By Jessica reviewed on 19/07/2019

Verified buyerA verified buyer is someone who has purchased this product from Amino Z

Omg the cereal milk flavour is to die for! Blends up nice and thick with ice.. tastes like a milkshake! Love
50% of 4 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No
Best Whey Protein on the market
By Casey reviewed on 10/07/2019

Verified buyerA verified buyer is someone who has purchased this product from Amino Z

By far the best protein I have ever had. Easy to mix and tastes great with low calories. Peanut Butter cereal milk flavour is the best flavour but have tried cereal milk and milk chocolate and they are all great!
25% of 4 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No
Ghost Whey - PB Cereal Milk
By Caleb reviewed on 14/05/2019

Verified buyerA verified buyer is someone who has purchased this product from Amino Z

Taste is the stand out feature - not purely peanut butter and definitely nails the creaminess of cereal milk.
Mixes very well, not too thick, not thin like an isolate.
Packaging is a bonus and the price is the only downside. Splurge on this if you feel like treain' yo self.
50% of 2 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No
Exciting new product
By Travis reviewed on 15/03/2019

Verified buyerA verified buyer is someone who has purchased this product from Amino Z

Absolutely loved the flavour of this Ghost protein. Peanut buttery and then finishes off tasting like sipping corn flake milk from the bowl. Love it.
50% of 4 users found this review helpful Was this review helpful ? Yes / No

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