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New Products

Blackstone Labs EpiSmash 60 Tablets

Blackstone Labs EpiSmash 60 Tablets

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Liposomal products are designed to achieve a 99% absorption rate, achieved through both a fat-soluble coating and water-soluble coating of the supplement to bypass the liver and be immediately shuttled into the bloodstream. Normally, oral supplements have to pass through the liver at least 3 times before actually entering the bloodstream; by the time that happens you're only utilizing 33% of the supplement.

Liposomal Delivery System

EpiSmash, containing 100mg of Laxogenin and 150mg of Epicatechin in a single liposomal tablet, is up to 25x more potent than other Laxogenin and Epicatechin products. EpiSmash is safe for both men and women to take. Anyone can use this product! Whether you're trying to stay completely natural, bridge between cycles, on post-cycle therapy and trying to maintain gains, EpiSmash is for you. EpiSmash is also great for women who are trying to cut OR bulk.

EpiSmash, utilizing liposomal technology, is the strongest natural anabolic that any athlete has ever taken.

Amino Z Non-Stim Pre-Workout

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Amino Z Non Stim Pre-Workout 30 serves

When it comes to supplement staples, it is hard to look past a good pre-workout. I mean, assuming they have the right ingredients in the right dosages, they can take your workout -- and your results -- to the next level.

The kicker?

Most pre-workout supplements contain a number of potent stimulants. While this is not always a bad thing (most are highly effective), it can pose some issues if you like to train in the evening, because they can impede sleep.

Moreover, many people can get quite jittery after consuming common stimulants like caffeine, which ends up hindering their workout rather than helping it.

It was for this reason that we made the most potent non-stimulant pre-workout on the market. If you want mind blowing pumps, all the gains, no jittery side effects, and with no impact on sleep, look no further.

Enter the Amino Z Non Stim Pre-Workout.
Amino Z Digital Gift Voucher

Amino Z Digital Gift Voucher


Give an Amino Z gift card to a friend, colleague or loved one.

Simply select the amount you want to gift and go through checkout. Your gift card will be emailed to you with a printable link.

If your order only contains gift card(s), your gift card will be emailed to you within an hour of your purchase. If you have other physical goods, your gift card will be emailed to you once your order ships off.

There is no shipping fee if your order only contains gift card(s).

You can check your gift card balance at any time by logging into your account and clicking on "My Gift Cards" on the left menu.

Gift cards are valid for three years from the date of purchase. They can be redeemed online (in the shopping cart) or in-store. Gift cards can be combined with coupon codes and Z Points.

ATP Science Amperage 75ml

ATP Science Amperage 75ml

$46.83+ FREE Shipping

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Amperage Pre-Workout Oil

Amperage is a patent-pending formula designed to assist sports people in achieving specific nutritional or performance goals. This is a keto-friendly product that may be taken prior to exercise as an alternative to high-stim pre-workouts.

Amperage is 100% Active Ingredients:

Safflower oil (high linoleic variety yielding conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) oleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid), Punica granatum (Pomegranate) seed oil (conjugated linoleic acid (CLnA) punicic acid, linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid), Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil (capric acid, caprylic acid, caproic acid), Peppermint cold-pressed oil, Grapefruit peel oil.
Rule 1 Pump 30 Serves

Rule 1 Pump 30 Serves

$56.20+ FREE Shipping

Club Z Price

A great ‘pump’ is a powerful thing. Physically, you can see the vascularity popping up from under the skin. Physiologically, oxygen rich blood engorges the hard-worked muscles causing them to swell. Psychologically, they’re hugely motivating. R1 Pump contains a capable combination of ingredients designed to help potentiate this cascade of events. Just add water, and then add exercise.ˆ

ZERO Sugar
ZERO Fillers
ZERO Stimulants
ZERO Banned Substances
ZERO Dairy, Soy, or Gluten
16 Active Ingredients
Transparent Labeling
3g L-Citrullineˆˆ
1g Nitrosigine® Inositol-Arginine Sillicateˆˆ
Clincally researched S7™ Blend
L-Norvaline plus Taurine
Whole Grape, Pine Bark, Astragalus, and Panax Extracts
Carefully blended and packaged in a GMP facility in the USA

Switch Nutrition Coffee Switch 25 Serves (25x6g Sachet)

Switch Nutrition Coffee Switch 25 Serves (25x6g Sachet)

$56.16+ FREE Shipping

Club Z Price

Note: Initial packs will have 27 serves (25 of chosen flavour and 1 of each of the other flavours)

Coffee Switch uses carefully selected Colombian Single Origin Arabica Coffee Beans for that premium coffee taste.

To help support your fun feels we've added the award-winning ingredient EnXtra (Alpina galanga), Lions Mane, Coffee Arabica Fruit (Neurofactor), Theobroma Cacao and Huperzia Serrata.

The final step in creating a better brew is to support a better YOU. This is where the addition of 7 Certified Organic Mushroom Blend, Turmeric and goMCT comes in.

goMCT contains healthy fats derived from coconut oil to supply naturally occuring C8 (caprylic) and c10 (capric) medium chain triglycerides and prebiotic acacia fibre.

Turmeric has a long history of use in Ayruvedic culture, Our turmeric (HydroCurc) is up to 400% more water soluble due to the patented LipiSperse technology.

Muschrooms have long been prized for their many benefits. COFFEE SWITCH contains a high quality organic mushroom blend to support your nutrients needs.

Ghost BCAA V2 30 Serves

Ghost BCAA V2 30 Serves

$51.47+ FREE Shipping

Club Z Price


BCAAs, Astragin And EPIC Flavours

Although traditionally taken during a workout or intense training session, GHOST BCAA can be enjoyed around the clock as a phenomenal performance alternative to sugary sports drinks or juices.

GHOST Full Disclosure Label
7G 2:1:1 BCAAs
Vegan Fermented
Astragin for absorption
Instantized for superior solubility
Faction Labs Cougar Juice 28 Serves

Faction Labs Cougar Juice 28 Serves

$65.58+ FREE Shipping

Club Z Price

Types I, II & III Collagen
Antioxidant Complex
Immune Support
Nuzest Kids Good Stuff

Nuzest Kids Good Stuff

$42.14+ FREE Shipping

Club Z Price


Kids Good Stuff is a great way to help your kids get the nutrients they need to be happy and healthy form the inside out.

As well as delivering vitamins and minerals, Kids Good stuff provides your child with so many additional beneficial ingredients that you won’t find in a capsule or gummy, including greens, fruit, veggies and berries, protein, digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics – all delivered in a delicious smoothie.

• Quick, easy all-in-one solution
• A fuss-free way to help fill gaps in your child’s diet
• Supports growth and vitality
• For healthy bones, sustained energy and immunity
• Happy, healthy brains
• Essential nutrients to support better concentration, focus and memory
• Easy to digest and absorb
• Powdered formula, based on real foods that’s gentle on your tummy
• No bad stuff
• No gluten, soy, egg, dairy or peanuts. No nasty chemicals or added sugar
• Tasty enough for the fussiest eater
• A delicious smoothie they’ll love!

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