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Product Dates Prices Notes
Cellucor C4 Extreme Energy 30 Serves Strawberry Kiwi and Lemon Drop Best before 30 Sep 2019

$29.95 ea
$24.95 ea (3+ units)

High stim version of this top-selling pre-workout. Clumping may be present, product is perfectly fine and may need to be broken up. Normally $57.90 ea. Brand new EOFY offer, limited stock, no backorders.
Sinister Labs Panic Pancakes 326g Banana and Chocolate EXP 30 Sep 2019

$9.95 ea
$4.95 ea (6+ units)

20g of protein (WPI primarily) per pancake and utterly delicious! Whole grain oat flour and munk fruit as a low-sugar sweetener. Normally $14.95 ea. Brand new EOFY offer, limited stock, no backorders.
EVL Nutrition LeanMode 30 Serves Fruit Punch EXP 31 July 2019

$19.95 ea
$14.95 ea (3+ units)

An effective fat burner, normally $58.50 ea. Brand new EOFY offer, less than 100 units available.
Grenade Carb Killa Protein Bars Fudge Brownie (Box of 12) Best before 30 July 2019

$19.95/box (3+ boxes)
$14.95/box (6+ boxes)

23g of protein and less than 2g of sugar per bar, high quality milk protein based bar (casein, milk isolate, whey isolate), normally $54.95/box! Low stock remaining, likely to sell out.
Quest Protein Cookie 59g : Oatmeal Raisin (Box of 12) Best before 15 July 2019 $19.95/box
$14.95/box (3+ boxes)
$9.95/box (6+ boxes)
Tasty snack and still fresh tasting. Stevia sweetened and 1g of sugar per serve, normally $44.95/box! 75% sold, likely to sell out.
EVL Nutrition BCAA Energy 30 Serves EXP End of May-July 2019 $19.95 ea
$14.95 ea (3+ units)
$9.95 ea (6+ units)
Intra-workout BCAA product with a caffeine boost, rated 4.6★, normally $39.95 ea. Cherry limeade, orange and blue raz remaining.

Valid until Wednesday 19th June or until sold out.

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