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  • Can You Ever Reach Your Training Intensity Limit?

    Ask anyone you meet in the gym how hard they train, and they'll tell you that no one trains harder then they do.
  • Stuntman Workout 101

    Do you feel that you have nerves of steel but have a need to toughen up a little bit more? Take these stuntman workout tips to heart!
  • Add Variety to Your Treadmill Workouts

    The treadmill doesn't have to be another boring piece of equipment at the gym. Check out these suggestions to make your treadmill workouts more fun and challenging than ever!
  • Working Out Early in the Morning

    If you're like most busy people who are struggling to find time to exercise, I recommend that you do it first thing in the morning.

    You may be asking why this is so. To begin with, an early morning workout gets your blood flowing. It is sure to give you that jolt which you'll be needing for the entire day. Some people assume that exercising at the crack of dawn will wipe them out. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Exercise isn't supposed to wear you out. It is supposed to invigorate you (unless you are overtraining, which is a big no-no).

    Timing your workouts early in the morning is also advantageous if your after-office hours are regularly blocked off. This could be due to family commitments and other important obligations. The importance of exercising in the morning is magnified ten times over if your after-office hours are unpredictable. Doing your fitness routine to jumpstart your day is a good indication that you are a person who knows what his or her important life priorities are.

    To exercise at four or five in the morning is no mean feat, especially if you have to eat your early morning pre-workout meal. This can be a bit daunting as you need at least 60 minutes to digest your pre-workout nibbles before pumping some iron. I suggest that you consume a liquid meal for faster digestion and absorption. This could be in the form of a whey protein shake (to kickstart the muscle rebuilding process) mixed with bananas (a form of simple carbohydrate) and oatmeal. Drink this upon waking up and you can begin working out as early as half an hour later.

    Another pre-workout meal that I want to put some emphasis on is wheatgrass. It is known as the "King of Alkaline Food" due to its high calcium, magnesium, manganese and iron content. Now, if you regularly work out, you should know that the most important thing to take in prior to exercising are carbohydrates and protein. Wheatgrass has both of them. In fact, it has 17 amino acids all in all! That's a tonne of protein if you ask me! For a high-powered early morning workout, drink some wheatgrass juice paired with a piece of fruit (perhaps a banana or an apple) before exercising. My wheatgrass is in powder form which I mix with water. I drink it at 5 am and I'm off to hit the weights on or before 5:30 am.

    Now that you are done with your early morning workout, it's time for your post-workout meal. This would be in the form of a heavy breakfast. Ideally, start off with a post-workout, water-based protein shake. Do not consume any fats yet as they will impede the protein absorption process. Do that later on during your regular meals throughout the day. Once you have chugged down on your protein shake, make sure to eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast (whole-wheat pancakes or brown rice with lean turkey bacon and some fresh produce, for example).

    Adjusting to an early morning workout routine can be challenging. But let me tell you, it's all worth it. You will the energy running through your body during the day as you attempt to climb that corporate ladder. If there's just one thing I have to say about it, it's this: it is a risk worth taking.

  • How to Become a Workout Warrior

    The news is out: you have to exercise much more than previously thought if you want serious weight loss results or if you have substantial fitness goals. Something like a minimum of four to five hours a week is needed, which for most people seems absolutely impossible.
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