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  • Womens Exercise Habits and Long-Term Health

    Regular exercise is looking more and more like the fountain of youth. A new study conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health reports that high levels of physical activity in mid-life result in high levels of health at age 70 and beyond.
  • Males and Females in the Gym

    As soon as you step foot in the gym, nine times out of ten you will notice that the majority of females are in the cardio section, whilst the majority of males are in the weights section.

    Today I was performing some weight training and noticed this. During my 30 minute workout, 2 females entered the free weights area. This was compared to over 10 males who were in this area (including myself). Taking a look at the cardio section as I walked out, there were at least ten females and not one male.

    I find it interesting. Here's what I think based on the conversations I have had with colleagues, friends and clients, in addition to my own observations (and of course I could be wrong):

    Why many females avoid weights like the plague:

    1. They feel intimidated or uncomfortable by the swarms of males...okay this one is understandable.
    2. They are afraid of gaining too much muscle. From my experience, this is due to a complete misunderstanding that weights necessarily result in large amounts of muscle mass. Especially for females and thus low testosterone levels, this is not going to be the case. Weight training can actually assist fat loss and toning significantly! Check out this Q&A:
    3. There is a stigma that cardio is more suited to females relative to weight training.
    4. Many females just prefer cardio...that's a personal choice, but weight training has some tremendous benefits.

    Why many males avoid cardio like the plague

    1. Many feel that cardio will inhibit their muscle gaining ability. I disagree whole heartedly in my article:
    2. Weights are the "manly" form of exercise...give HIIT cardio a go :)
    3. Many guys just prefer weights...fair enough I say, but cardio does have a range of benefits.

    I just found it interesting how there is such segregation within a typical unisex gym environment. As far as I'm concerned, there is no right or's all about training for yourself.

    Whilst on the topic, here's another good article worth a read,

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