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  • 3 Supplement Ingredients for Women's Health

    When you visit a local supplement store, it can be hard to imagine that the majority of products are based for anyone but men. From muscle building mass gainers to extreme pre-workouts, is there a market for women's health supplements?


    The answer is, 'Of course.' Although the marketing is heavy towards the guys, women's health is a primary concern for many supplement brands. Several companies have taken the all-natural approach to supporting a woman's health, promoting the use of oils or herbal remedies that have been proven by science. Let's take a look at the 3 supplement ingredients that are ideal to support a woman's health.


    1. Cinnamon

    While it may seem strange, cinnamon is an excellent way to support your health. In particular, using the bark of cinnamon has been shown to contain a variety of important nutrients that effectively support a woman's health.


    Cinnamon has been shown to alleviate symptoms that are associated with the premenstrual period including bloating, odd cold spells, and indigestion. (1)


    While you could place the cinnamon bark in your water, the easiest way to capture the benefits of cinnamon is to take cinnamon bark extract in a natural supplement form. Click here to buy an elite quality cinnamon bark supplement.


    1. Maca Extract

    Maca is a Peruvian ingredient that has been used for thousands of years as a remedy for overall well-being. In particular, it was used by men to boost libido. These same benefits have transcended time and science is now showing just how useful this ingredient can be for your health.


    First, maca supports hormone health. For example, it is present in many testosterone boosters and estrogen balance supplements.


    When it comes to women's health, maca may be of great use to alleviate the fatigue and psychological symptoms associated with PMS. It may help to restore energy including libido for both men and women. (2)


    Click here to buy maca extract.


    1. Primrose Oil

    This last ingredient that is great for a woman's health is primrose oil. This healthy oil contains a high level of fatty acids. In particular, primrose oil contains a significant amount of gamma-linolenic acid, or GLA. It is from these fatty acids that primrose oil gets its benefits.


    Studies suggest that using primrose oil may help to alleviate the worst symptoms from PMS. Studies and user reports claim that women were able to alleviate or eliminate headaches, breast pain, body aches, irritability, water retention, and acne.


    Looking for a high-quality primrose oil? Click here to buy primrose oil.



    Although it can be intimidating to buy supplements, there is something out there for everyone. When it comes to women's health, three of the most beneficial ingredients are cinnamon bark, maca root, and primrose oil. Adding these to your daily program may help to improve health and reduce symptoms associated with PMS.



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