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  • Mastering The Rep

    Not matter what style of training you follow, one basic fundamental stand-alone and that is the simple rep.
  • How do I lose the last few kilograms of fat weight?

    To overcome a barrier, there are a number of area’s that you can take into consideration.  Three important aspects include:

    1. Ensure that you receive adequate recovery.  This entails recovery in between workouts and also recovery in between “blocks” (or mesocycles) of training, that last for 8-12 weeks.  I typically recommend a less intense training structure during this period of time to allow for complete recovery.
    2. Nutritional intervention can be highly effective by reducing your calorie consumption.  However you do need to be careful that you don’t create “too much” of a calorie deficit, else this can have a negative influence on your recovery and also muscle synthesis (or maintenance for that matter).
    3. Changing up one effective routine for another.  You do need to ensure that you don’t follow the same program for more than 4 weeks at any one time.  By doing so, your body will become used to this routine and thus significantly increase the likelihood of a plateau.

    So as you can see, some minor tweaks can have a major influence upon results.  Often the results lie in the details and it’s just about finding the most appropriate approach at this point in time based on your goals.

  • Not All Fat Types Affect our Weight Loss Equally

    There’s been a lot of research published about the different kinds of fats, such as saturated and trans, and their effects on our risk of cardiovascular diseases. The fats that cause our blood pressure to rise and clog the arteries come from marbled meat, cheese, and processed foods. They also contribute to cholesterol and triglycerides. However not all fat types may not affect our weight and weight loss equally.
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