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  • Weight Lifting Relieves More Back Pain Than Cardio

    According to the George Institute for International Health, back pain is a recurring problem for five million Australians. It is not only prevalent but also costly, and it causes many older Australians to be absent from work. A recent study has shown that weight lifting can relieve more back pain than aerobic, or cardio activity.
  • Does Weight Lifting Make You Smarter?

    Stereotypically, we often assume that people carrying increased amounts of muscle mass have below average intelligence. Does weight lifting make you smarter?
  • Weight Lifting is About Far More Than Looks

    When the discussion turns to lifting weights, the first thing most people (men and women) think of is how weight lifting will affect their appearance. Though the benefits extend far deeper than your physique.
  • Is Weight Lifting Good For Weight Loss?

    It is commonly assumed that weight lifting is reserved exclusively for people who want to gain muscle. Examples include bodybuilders and professional athletes who often require an above average amount of muscle mass to excel within their discipline.

    But what about the average person? For those who want to lose weight, weight training is commonly overlooked. Rather, cardiovascular exercise (such as going for a jog) is automatically assumed to be the most effective approach to weight loss in terms of exercise.

    Interestingly, this assumption will hold you back from achieving optimal weight loss results.

    While cardio exercise certainly has a profound impact on weight loss, weight training exercise can be just as (if not more) effective. The notion that weight lifting will make you bulk up is completely mis-understood. In order to accomplish muscle bulk, you must exercise and eat in a very specific manner, very different to those seeking to lose weight.

    Weight lifting will help you to lose weights via several very important mechanisms:

    1. By stimulating slight muscle growth (and not necessarily bulk), your natural metabolic rate will be increased. Hence you'll be burning more energy each day, thus enhancing weight loss.
    2. By placing excess stress on your muscles, they undergo an intensive repair process for up to a week after that training session. This period of recovery is when a heightened amount of energy is expended, again encouraging weight loss.
    3. Immediately following an intense weight training workout, your body is going to be in an increased state of recovery (commonly known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC). During this time, for up to about 24 hours after training, you expend excess energy which helps facilitate weight loss.

    But won't weight lifting bulk me up?

    Weight lifting does not necessarily mean that you're going to bulk up. As mentioned previously, to bulk up you need to train and eat in a very specific manner. Although the specifics of this approach are too detailed to go into within this short discussion, here's a quick run-down. To bulk up from weight training, you need to:

    1. Train very intensely and consistently over many years. Muscle growth is a very slow process for men, and even moreso for women.
    2. You need to eat an excess number of calories from very specific foods, at specific times of the day. With a weight loss approach (on a calorie restricted diet), your body is not going to have the nutrients available for any muscle bulk.

    If you are interested in reading further into building muscle, please browse around this website as we have written extensively on the topic.

    The most effective way to lose weight is by combining weight lifting, cardio exercise and an effective diet. All three of these disciplines must be effectively geared toward weight loss and work together for optimal results.

  • Female Weight Traiing Helps With Weight Loss

    If you're a female trying to lose weight, then you're probably familiar with dieting and cardio exercise. Though have you considered weight training to assist you in losing weight? Lifting weights can help weight loss considerably.
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