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  • 4 Reasons You Need to Be Pairing Up Calcium with Your Vitamin D Supplement

    Are you a weight lifter who is using Vitamin D supplements to help with recovery and hormone levels?

    Are you a sprinter who uses Calcium to support bone health?

    Maybe you're someone who is on the fence about which is better: Calcium or Vitamin D?


    Whether you want to support your overall health or push yourself closer to a fitness goal, you don't have to choose between Vitamin D or Calcium. Taken together, these two supplement can support a number of health and fitness goals. Let's take a look at the top 4 reasons why you should be pairing Vitamin D with Calcium.


    1. Better Absorption

    First and foremost, Vitamin D and Calcium need one another to maximize absorption. As an athlete, if you have a diet that's high in protein and sodium, you may be at risk for Calcium deficiency. Protein and sodium negatively impact Calcium retention. The more protein and sodium that you eat, the more Calcium is excreted through the kidneys. While you may not be able to cut out protein from your diet, especially if you're a muscle-focused athlete, you can boost absorption through Vitamin D. Studies show that Vitamin D helps to boost and maintain Calcium levels. (1)


    1. Stronger Bones

    Those who are at risk for osteoporosis typically have very low levels of Calcium in their body. When your body is able to efficiently absorb Calcium, thanks to Vitamin D, you will be directly supporting the health and strength of your bones. Calcium is one of the best ways to boost your bone health. What's more, the hormonal support of Vitamin D will also help to preserve bone strength. Combine these supplements with resistance training or plyometrics and watch your bone strength soar. (2)


    1. Beat Back Inflammation

    Inflammation is a popular topic in health news. Experts have connected inflammation in the body to dozens of ailments including diabetes and cancer. This recent discovery has prompted a search for ways to reduce inflammation. Aside from eating a healthy diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and super foods, supplementing with Calcium and Vitamin D may also be able to help. Recent studies are suggesting that taking the two together or on the same day at different times may help reduce inflammation markers. (3, 4)


    1. Boost Metabolic Health

    Every time you visit your doctor for a check-up, you are taken through a panel of necessary tests including heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. As we get older, or as our lifestyle choices tend to slip, these numbers can prompt a lecture from your doctor. Aside from a healthy diet and exercise, one way to support your cardiovascular health is to supplement with Vitamin D and Calcium. Studies suggest that when taken as a part of a healthy diet, these two supplements may have to improve metabolic health. (5)



    If you want stronger bones, better cardiovascular health, and less inflammation, it's time you started adding the powerful combination of Vitamin D and Calcium to your diet. Looking for a great brand? Click here to check out our collection of Vitamin D and Calcium supplements.



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  • Men and Vitamin D: The Top 4 Benefits

    If you're like most guys, every time you open your Facebook account, you'll see your wall flooded by fitness websites telling you which supplements to take to make you more of a man. With thousands of supplements on the market, it can be a little overwhelming to figure out which one you should be taking on a daily basis. What's more, most of the supplements that are recommended are usually a specific brand that's being sponsored. Rarely do you find a sponsored supplement backed by studies and research.


    Guys, if you want a clear cut, scientifically proven supplement to take, look no further than Vitamin D. Let's review the top 4 reasons why you should be taking this vitamin every day.


    1. Immune System


    With the weather changing, there's no better time to start taking Vitamin D. Unlike Vitamin C, which springs up everywhere around this time, Vitamin D has been shown to boost your immune response. Here's how it works: There are specific cells in your body that combat illness. These special cells utilize Vitamin D to work efficiently. If you aren't getting enough Vitamin D through food, supplements, and the sun, you may see yourself getting sick more often. Taking a daily dose of Vitamin D may help to improve your immune response and defend your body from the common cold among other illnesses. (1)


    1. Testosterone


    For men, having a low testosterone level can be more than an inconvenience in the bedroom, it can negatively impact your health in a big way. Symptoms of low testosterone include losing muscle mass while gaining fat mass. You'll feel more irritable and go through mood swings. You'll start feeling tired more often. Arguably, the worst symptom is low libido and poor bedroom performance. Vitamin D supplementation has been shown to dramatically impact your testosterone levels in a positive way. (2)


    1. Mood


    Speaking of your mood, Vitamin D is an excellent mood booster. Have you ever noticed that you have more bad moods during the colder, winter months? Since it's so cold, you aren't going outside. Since you're not going outside, you aren't getting your daily rays of sunshine. Sunshine helps the body create Vitamin D. You need a healthy level of Vitamin D to stabilize your mood. Taking Vitamin D supplements has been shown to support your mood and mindset. (3)


    1. Muscle


    Last but not least, if you want to be ensuring your lean muscle tissue gains, then you need to be supplementing with Vitamin D. This important vitamin has been shown to support muscle building and fat loss. Studies show that those supplementing with Vitamin D demonstrated a higher level of muscle and a lower level of fat. If you're a guy who has the bodybuilding stage on his mind, remember that Vitamin D supports testosterone levels. Testosterone plays a critical role in building muscle mass. (4)




    It doesn't matter if you are a gym rat or you just want to avoid the worst of cold season, taking Vitamin D is a smart idea. It has been shown to support your testosterone levels, balance out your mood, beef up your immune system, and support lean muscle. Find a quality Vitamin D supplement and talk with your doctor if you're currently on any other medications.




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  • Vitamin D: Effecting Immunity

    Lacking vitamin D? How to know if you need it and what it can do for you.
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