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  • Vibration Machine & Weight Loss - A Myth?

    After reviewing the research, we explain you should AVOID wasting your time and money on vibration machines for weight loss.
  • "As Seen On TV" & Exercise Machines

    I sat down to eat something and flicked on the television this morning. Believe it or not, two of those ads advertising the latest exercise machines were on - one was on a vibration machine and another was on a sled based resistance machine. I'm actually surprised the Ab King Pro wasn't being sold :)

    I've written extensively on these machines on Amino Z and why I believe that the vast majority of them are garbage. One article in particular is

    Whilst these machines may have the potential to be effective if they are used correctly, by the appropriate person, for the appropriate goals and under the correct supervision, none of this was pointed out. But rather these machines were purported as the latest and greatest weight loss phenomenon to hit Australia. I was almost convinced myself to phone up and buy 2! (Okay, not quite.)

    I laughed at the vibration machine ad where it had a female just standing on the machine, implying that it was the latest weight loss tool. I mean, come on guys! Yes there has been some research on this technology (admittedly mainly for rehabilitory purposes)...but standing on a vibration machine...oh my...

    Which reminds me...I really must write an article on this vibration technology for weight loss.

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