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  • Dont Lose Sight Of The Bigger Picture

    Do you dream of having a ripped 6 pack, one that makes your fellow trainers envious, or do you wish for your body to simply perform better? Well, if that's the case, then you are missing out on a big piece of the fitness lifestyle pie.
  • Jay, how did you achieve your dramatic 12 week BodyBlitz transformation? Did you use any tricks?

    At the end of the day there are no tricks or gimmicks - it all comes down to being educated and applying this theory effectively.

    Making the initial eating habit changes was not easy - I gave up a number of less healthier foods in my diet and relied heavily upon lean meats, fruits, vegetables, oats/muesli and flax oil/LSA mix.  However once I made these changes, not only did I feel SO much more energetic - I actually realised that these foods can also taste great!

    Secondly my exercise regime was also extremely important in order to compliment my eating.  My major goals were to lose body fat, gain muscle mass and increase my fitness levels.  This required a sound cardio and resistance training program.

    By integrating both a healthy eating lifestyle and an exercise regime I managed such a change in 12 weeks.  Now, a year later, I am in even better condition, simply because this is a new lifestyle - it wasn't a 12 week "diet".  However during my challenge, I can't say it was "easy" - if it was easy to make such significant lifestyle changes then everyone would have a 6 pack.  What is important to remember is that:

    • You need to educate yourself
    • Your lifestyle needs to be changed - permanently
    • Looking after yourself must be your number one priority
    • You need to remain focussed, continually set goals and reward yourself upon achieving those goals
  • My Transformation - Exercise And Diet Just Isnt Enough

    There are many of us that aren't happy with who we are, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, or a combination. I was one of these people - yet making such a drastic change in myself required much more than lifting weights.
  • Hi Jay, congratulations on your transformation, that is an incredible job. I was wondering if you could help me a bit; I would like to know what the most important things to do are if I want to lose fat, but keep building muscle at the same time? What should I consume?

    G'day mate - thanks for the comments.  What I have found works best for my body is to perform high intensity cardio, combined with a solid diet plan and high intensity resistance training.

    I found the high intensity cardio to be very important to metabolising the fat as quickly as possible without sacrificing my strength.  By high intensity I mean a 15 minute session, beginning with a 1 minute all-out sprint and then a 1 minute rest.  Then keep repeating so you perform eight 1 minute sprints.

    The bike or recumberent bike is great for this kind of cardio - it requires little balance and you can push yourself hard without worrying about falling off.  Each session the aim is to push yourself 110% and ultimately beat the previous score that you set.  It becomes very competitive and VERY addictive.  Only thing is with this cardio - you would want to check with your doctor that it's safe.

    Because this cardio is so intense, I began slowly (a couple a week) and slowly performed more and more until I was up to 10 per week.  By this time the fat was litterally melting off and my fitness levels were through the roof.

    Next was the diet.  Because the cardio training was so taxing on the system, I focussed very heavily on eating a clean diet the entire 12 weeks.  This consisted of lean meats, egg whites, vegetables, limited fruits, oats, flax oil and supplements.  I began on a relatively large diet and slowly cut out portions when the fat loss slowed down.

    The resistance training comprised of a four day split and I focussed mainly within either the 4-6 rep range or the 6-8 rep range always going until failure.  Workouts would last roughly 40 minutes.

    Hope this helps you out a bit and gives you a breif overview of my training regime. 



  • Hey Jay - Congrats on your transformation. You did a fantastic job! I am interested to know what kind of ab exercises you do. Cheers, Stacey

    Thanks Stacey!

    Must say I love doing the abs - they are one of my most responsive muscle groups. Ages and ages ago I used to do 50 or 100 situps and I still had a pot belly and wondered why. Then I finally realised that 50 or 100 situps is much like a cardio exercise and is going to do next to nothing for my abdominal development.

    So I did two things for my mid section. First of all cardio cardio and more cardio. Mainly on the bike and recumberent bike (the lying down one). All high intensity workouts - each lasting about 15 minutes - the fat just melted off and the definition began to appear.

    So the fat was taken care of - which leaves the muscle.  Resistance wise, I alternated between the following three exercises:

    - Lying leg raises (with a dumbell in my feet)
    - Incline crunches (with a dumbell just below my chin)
    - Cable crunches (my favourite)

    I treated my abdominals very much like every other muscle group in my body. I exercised them once a week, did 3-4 sets on them typically with a rep range of 6-8 and ALWAYS going until failure. If I could perform more than 8 reps with good form, then I would increase the weight I was using.

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