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  • The 10 Laws of Fat Loss

    Follow these 10 “laws” of fat loss and you are guaranteed a leaner physique!
  • The Six Pack "Secret"

    One of the most frequently asked questions I get is “How can I obtain a well-defined six pack?” It seems like everyone is interested in getting abs. Obtaining a great “six-pack” is a very simple process that every one can achieve. That’s right, I said everyone.
  • Dont Lose Sight Of The Bigger Picture

    Do you dream of having a ripped 6 pack, one that makes your fellow trainers envious, or do you wish for your body to simply perform better? Well, if that's the case, then you are missing out on a big piece of the fitness lifestyle pie.
  • I have lost 7kg, but I still have some flabby bits under my arms. How do I lose this fat?

    When you have extra flabby bits, this is going to be the fat that hasn't yet gone.  Unfortunately our bodies are very stubborn - they won't let us choose where to lose fat from!  For example, if you wanted to lose fat from your legs you might perform some running.  But because your body will determine where it wants to lose fat from first, you might lose it from your stomach before your legs.

    In your case, the only way to lose fat from underneath your arms is to continue to lose fat through diet and exercise.  Underneath your arms may be one of the last places your body is predisposed to losing fat, you don't really get much say in this.

    You can perform arm exercises to help build up a bit of muscle on your arms.  When you finally do lose the fat, you will have a nice 'toned' effect.  Keep in mind that building muscle is an extremely slow process, particularly for females due to lower testosterone levels.

    We have a few Q&A's that go into a little bit more detail:

    What are the best exercises to tone up the back of your arms?

  • I want to tone my stomach. Will situps work?

    Situps will work your hip flexor muscles primarily and not focus on your abdominal muscles.  Crunches take the emphasis off your hip flexors and will work the abdominals primarily.  The difference being that your lower back remains on the ground with crunches.

    Also, crunches will not tone your stomach.  This old wives tale has been promoted by companies that market many of these bogus abdominal products you see all over the television.  Toning is a fancy word for (1) losing fat and (2) building muscle.  Even if you have massive abdominal muscles, if you have a significant amount of body fat you will NEVER see them.

    I have a few resources (articles and Q&As) on my website that would be of interest on this topic and I highly recommend you have a read:

    Q&A: What are the best exercises to tone up the back of your arms? 

    Q&A: I am interested to know what kind of ab exercises you do.  

    Article: How To Get Healthy Without Raising A Sweat 

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