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  • No Time To Train?

    Does this sound familiar? “I’d love to workout, but I just can’t fit it into my schedule. I simply don’t have the time”.
  • Mastering Time Management

    Today was fairly full-on. I quite like Tuesday's because they give me a fair amount of time to take a step back from the 1on1 training and focus on innovative features I can "add-on" to the business.

    So today I worked on various projects for Amino Z. Looking back over the day, I did accomplish quite a bit.

    Now this wasn't the case a year ago. There was far too much on my plate and it seemed that nothing would ever get done...even though I was working up to 15 hour days!! So, I thought I'd post up a little blurb on what I've learnt on time management - oh so important.

    I'll preceed this by saying that I am by no means an expert on time management...but I'm learning!

    Number one - PLAN. This is something that I failed to do. I remember when I first began high school, I would be told to solve a maths puzzle. Rather than writing down one step at a time, I would rush straight to the answer. Whilst I'm still guilty of this in many more trivial situations, I am trying to discipline myself to plan many things out BEFORE executing.

    An obvious one is a business plan. You'd be amazed at how many business owners do not have a business plan!! I think the statistics that I once read was greater than 80% of companies don't have one! It's absolutely invaluable. I've also found great value in planning out quarters, weeks and also the day.

    Something I picked up at a FILEX conference a while ago was to make a list. It's amazing what a daily (and/or weekly) does to your productivity. Once it's done, cross the task off and the sense of accomplishment is second to none.

    Another key area that I've focussed on this week (after listening to an audiotape by Brian Tracy, "Mastering your Time") is to clean up the office. I did a massive renovation of our office space recently and am still just adding the final touches. I can't believe how much time was wasted trying to sort through a pile of documents to find something!

    So yes, I'm no guru at time management, but I'm leaps and bounds further along than I was a year or two ago. That's my two cents for the day!

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