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  • EHP Labs OxyShred vs. Victory Labs Xenevar

    Extreme energy levels and fat burning go hand in hand when it comes to thermogenic supplements. The best brands will allow you to trigger a higher level metabolic response while enjoying the benefits of focus, alertness, and energy. Today, we are looking at two of the heavy hitters in the thermogenic world: EHP Labs OxyShred and Victory Labs Xenevar. Let's review their respective formulas to see which one is worth using in your daily supplement program.


    EHP Labs OxyShred

    Where can I buy it?


    Pros of EHP Labs OxyShred

    EHP Labs OxyShred is a thermogenic that has been uniquely designed for fat burning with extreme energy as a positive side effect. The EHP Labs OxyShred formula may even be considered too much for those who are inexperienced with thermogenic compounds. You can take that as a positive or a negative depending on your sensitivity to the ingredients.


    There's no doubt that the team over at EHP Labs did their homework with the formula. It features many scientifically backed ingredients including Conjugated Linoleic Acid, African Wild Mango, and 1, 3, 7 Trimethylxanthine that have been shown to boost fat burning and energy levels. (1-3)


    Cons of EHP Labs OxyShred

    The only issue that we have with EHP Labs Oxyshred is that it has a proprietary blend for its fat burning and energy boosting compounds. This means that you don't know exactly how much of each ingredient you're getting. Still, with that said, you can assume that each ingredient may be properly (if not almost properly) dosed at the ideal levels due to the size of the blend. For example, the thermogenic blend is almost 7 grams. That leaves a lot of elbow room for the dosing of these ingredients.



    Victory Labs Xenevar

    Where can I buy it?


    Pros of Victory Labs Xenevar

    The user reviews on Xenevar have helped to draw plenty of positive attention its way. This product is all about fat burning, featuring tried and true compounds like L-Carnitine Tartrate, Guarana, and Raspberry Ketones. (4-6) It also contains a trademarked version of Fulvic Acid known as OxyGold. Victory Labs claims that Fulvic Acid can improve the uptake and assimilation of all the other compounds buts studies are inconclusive. Still, if it does play a role in nutrient assimilation, that's excellent news for you.


    Cons of Victory Labs Xenevar

    Just like with EHP Labs OxyShred, we were disappointed to see that Victory Labs Xenevar had a proprietary blend for a formula. What you do know is that you're getting almost 5 grams of a great stack of thermogenics and energy boosters. 5 grams is a decent amount and with L-Carnitine as the first ingredient on the list, there's a good chance you are getting the right dosing, if not close to it.


    Which One Should You Choose?

    These two thermogenic products are tough to choose between. They both have their strengths yet share the same weakness. EHP Labs has the bigger following as evidenced by the amount of user reviews and positive feedback reports online. You're also getting more out of the formula itself. With that said, Victory Labs Xenevar is holding its own amidst a crowded market. We would recommend trying both and seeing which one your body agrees with more. Either way, you're sure to experience high energy and incredible fat burning.



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  • MuscleTech Performance Series Nitro Tech Ripped vs. BSN Isoburn

    One of the newest crazes to hit the supplement market is thermogenic protein. Just like the name implies, thermogenic protein has a foundation of muscle building protein, which is supported by fat burning ingredients such as L-Carnitine and Yohimbe. Two of the biggest giants in the industry have grabbed on to the new protein craze: MuscleTech Performance series Nitro Tech Ripped vs. BSN Isoburn. Let's review the pros and cons of both of these brands to see which one has a better thermogenic protein product.


    MuscleTech Performance Series Nitro Tech Ripped

    Where can I buy it?


    Pros of MuscleTech Performance Series Nitro Tech Ripped

    MuscleTech isn't messing around when it comes to this thermogenic protein. Right out of the gate, you're getting 30 grams of protein from a unique blend of Whey Peptides, Whey Protein Isolate, and Whey Protein Isolate. This means that MuscleTech is going to be ideal for a post-workout treat. The fast-acting amino acids may help to support recovery, trigger protein synthesis, and promote lean muscle tissue growth. (1-7)


    MuscleTech also features a great line-up of some proven fat burning thermogenics. Some of these ingredients have been shown to promote fat loss while boosting your metabolic rate. (8-10) Here's the full list:


    • L-Carnitine L-Tartrate
    • CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid)
    • canephora robusta extract (bean) (Robusta Coffee)
    • Green Tea Extract (as Camellia sinensis) (leaf)
    • Rose Hip Extract (as Rosa canina) (fruit)
    • Kelp


    Cons of MuscleTech Performance Series Nitro Tech Ripped

    The only issue we have with MuscleTech Performance Series Nitro Tech Ripped is the dosage of some of the thermogenic ingredients is under-dosed. If you look at the study samples and how big of a dose they used to get those results, MuscleTech cuts it a bit short. With that said, this is a protein supplement first and foremost and a weight loss support second. It's like a protein shake with a little boost of fat burning but it's still a protein shake.


    BSN Isoburn

    Where can I buy it?


    Pros of BSN Isoburn

    Just like MuscleTech, Isoburn from BSN focuses on fast digesting proteins. That means it's going to be ideal after your workout or first thing upon waking. Remember, as we mentioned above, those amino acids from the isolate may help to boost muscle building and recovery.


    As to its thermogenic formula, it features a decent line-up of thermogenic compounds:


    • Green Coffee Extract
    • Blue-Green Algae Extract
    • Beta-Carotene
    • Pomegranate Extract
    • L-Carnitine Tartrate
    • Choline Bitartrate
    • Banaba Extract


    Just like MuscleTech, it's offering plenty of protein for muscle building goals and a select line of thermogenic compounds that may support weight loss.


    Cons of BSN Isoburn

    First, BSN doesn't compare with MuscleTech in the gram for gram category. MuscleTech provides 30 grams of protein while BSN is only giving 20 grams.


    The bigger problem is the thermogenic formula. Since BSN uses proprietary blends, you have no idea how much of each ingredient you're getting. Considering the blend is only 1 gram, you can rest assured that it won't be much. One way to remedy this would be to double the dose. That would effectively give you twice the protein and fat burning agents but it would also burn through your wallet twice as fast.



    Both brands are great examples of a real thermogenic protein but it's easy to see why we would go with MuscleTech Performance Series Nitro Tech Ripped. It has more protein and more fat burning ingredients than BSN. With that said, BSN Isoburn is still a decent protein that would be a good choice, especially if it was on sale. For a post-workout protein that supports fat burning, try one of these great thermogenic proteins.



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  • EHP Labs OxyShred vs Cellucor C4 Ripped

    It seems like everyone is making an energy booster these days. It's one thing to invest in a quality energy supplement but what about if you want to also support fat burning? If your goal is weight loss or if you're trying to get ripped, a natural is a powerful tool to achieve your dream body. Let's compare two of the hardest hitting fat burning energy boosters in the industry: EHP Labs OxyShred and Cellucor C4 Ripped.


    EHP Labs OxyShred


    Where can I buy it?



    • Designed expressly for fat burning
    • Thermogenic blend uses ONLY scientifically tested ingredients
    • Ideally dosed for fat burning
    • Provides high level energy as well (very nice bonus considering this is a fat burning supplement)
    • Also provides a muscle support formula to avoid catabolism



    • Artificial colours and flavouring
    • May be too much for those who have never used a thermogenic blend before


    OxyShred from EHP Labs is one of the most well designed fat burning formulas that you'll find in the overcrowded industry. Not only does it have a collection of scientifically proven thermogenic ingredients but it's also dosed at the appropriate levels to ensure maximum results.


    Cellucor C4 Ripped


    Where can I buy it?



    • Well established as one of the best energy supplement companies in the industry
    • Provides a unique energy blend that doesn't result in crashing
    • Incredible ingredient for muscle support is Arginine AKG (not found in OxyShred)
    • Relies on several key thermogenic ingredients that have been tested time and time again and used in many formulas



    • Artificial colours and flavouring
    • As mentioned below, C4 Ripped is more of an energy enhancement supplement as opposed to a fat burning supplement – Taking a look at the label, you can see that it is lacking in thermogenic (fat burning) ingredients


    Cellucor C4 Ripped takes its successful C4 formula (the one that made it famous in the first place) and jacks it up with several powerful thermogenic ingredients. C4 Ripped is definitely a hard hitting product as it serves up caffeine along with Velvet Bean and N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine. Its thermogenic blend is also worthwhile as L-Carnitine leads the way along with a few other scientifically proven compounds. With that said, it seems C4 Ripped is more energy focused as opposed to its fat burning rival, OxyShred.




    If you are looking for pure, raw energy, both of these supplements will do the trick. However, if your aim is fat loss or if you want to make those abdominal lines really pop out, OxyShred from EHP Labs is going to be your best bet. OxyShred delivers a far more thermogenic-focused formula, which means that you'll be getting energy AND more fat burning power. C4 Ripped is more of an honourable mention but that doesn't mean it isn't a great product. So if you want a pre-workout, go with C4 Ripped and if you want to get shredded, go with OxyShred.

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