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  • 3 Simple Steps to a Slimmer Spring

    How to Kick-start your Fat-loss in the Warmer Months

    As the warmer seasons draw closer and the temperature starts to rise, many people are emerging from their winter slumbers.

    Similar to the phenomenon of the New Years' Resolution, fitness enthusiasts all find themselves with an extra drive to slim down, tone-up and look sexy for the warmer months to come. However, for a large percentage of those people, they must first overcome the damage done to their health and routines over their winter hibernation.

    The most common side-effects to the winter hibernation include:

    • Bigger waistlines
    • Decreased fitness/activity levels
    • Extra body fat in problem areas
    • Increased cravings for naughty food

    Many of us (including myself) have all fallen victim to the sweet siren call of the dessert menu at our favourite restaurants or failed to refuse that extra serve of nana's famous, hearty, winter spaghetti bolognaise.

    This is largely due to the fact that the winter chill tends to bring on cravings for more food and increase our natural desire to conserve energy via rugging up in front of the warm glow of Netflix.

    Overall, bad news for the bikini body right?

    That's why it's super important for you, your health and your goals, that you literally 'spring' back into action with a plan of attack that works for you. (Pun most definitely intended)

    Without further ado, here are the 3 simple steps to a slimmer spring:

    1. Take your workouts outside

    Working out in the great outdoors is a fantastic way to bring the fun and excitement back to otherwise sometimes monotonous workouts. Cardio in particular can get a little lackluster if you're restricting yourself to just the treadmill and other elliptical machines.

    Taking things outside is a good way to get some all-important vitamin D from the sun and can introduce newer, more fun elements depending on the style of training you're doing.

    Keep it simple at first. Try grabbing a couple of dumbbells, a kettlebell or even just utilize the equipment at a local park.

    1. Get some structure to your nutrition

    If you weren't already on top of your eating or tracking your food in some way before winter rolled around, chances are, your eating habits and diet are worse for wear now.

    Thus, applying some smart constraints to your nutrition here and there are going to be a great place to start on your spring journey.

    Tracking your food can be as simple as writing down what you eat in a food journal. Just by keeping the journal, you're giving yourself a good visual map of what you're actually putting into your body. Second, it might make you think twice about downing that whole packet of Tim Tams if you know you're going to have to write it down later. (Yeah, we know what you did last winter…)

    Another great habit to start getting into is choosing a couple of good supplements to help fill in the gaps when it comes to your nutrition.

    Simple things like protein powders, fish oil, multivitamins are an awesome way to help give your body the extra boost it needs to start shedding excess body fat and adding some lean muscle to your body.

    1. Take up a sport

    If you're still lacking the motivation to get back into structured training then why not take advantage of the countless outdoor sports there are on offer. With the temperature picking up, sports like 5 a-side soccer, swimming, surfing, tennis, athletics can make for a great addition to your training schedule.

    Participating in a sport not only increases your calories burnt and athleticism, but it also improves coordination and is a great way to meet new friends and widen your social circle.

    Sports make for a great alternative for people who find traditional cardio boring (i.e. me). So, get outside and start kicking, throwing, running, jumping and having some fun pronto!

    There you have it, less hibernating and time to get moving. Dust off those bikinis and board shorts and go hit the beach with confidence this spring and summer.

    From Jake and the Alpha Fitness team,

    Happy toning!

    If you feel like you need more guided attention to help you achieve your nutrition and training goals, our team are passionate about helping women reach their full potential by rapidly transforming their bodies through holistic methods. To find out more, visit

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