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  • BSN Rebuild Edge vs. BSN Amino X Edge

    A post-workout supplement is one of the best ways to improve your performance while assisting in overall muscle recovery. Taking the right nutrients after demanding exercise helps to replenish muscle glycogen levels, increases protein synthesis and protects from the breakdown of muscle. After an intense workout, the body is exhausted and these post-workout supplements may help to invigorate the body as well as aid in the muscle building and recovery process.


    Let's take a look at two of the best post-workout supplements from BSN (BSN Rebuild Edge and BSN Amino X Edge) to see which is superior to helping you achieve your fitness goals.


    BSN Rebuild Edge

    Where can I buy it?


    Pros of BSN Rebuild Edge:

    BSN Rebuild Edge aims to support your performance goals by increasing strength and improving muscle-building. The one feature about Rebuild Edge that really got our attention was the Myogenic Matrix which features 5.5 grams of a creatine blend. Creatine helps to replenish ATP stores and has been shown to be effective at promoting post-workout recovery. In this blend, you get the following four types of creatine:


    • Creatine Monohydrate
    • Creatine Hydrochloride (Patented C-HCl™)
    • Magnesium Creatine Chelate (Creatine MagnaPower®)
    • Creatine Anhydrous (1-2)


    Rebuild Edge also features a solid line-up of 4 grams of BCAAs and 25 mg of ActiGin, which is Panax notoginseng. Overall, this is a perfect post-workout supplement to use on the way home from the gym.


    Cons of BSN Rebuild Edge:

    What negative thing can you really say about such a structured and open label post-workout supplement? Sure, we would have liked to have seen the BCAA dose at 8 or 9 grams but 5 grams is the industry standard.


    Aside from that, the only other things that may be problematic are the artificial sweeteners, which are nearly impossible to avoid in this industry.


    BSN Amino X Edge

    Where can I buy it?


    Pros of BSN Amino X Edge

    BSN Amino X Edge is hands down one of the best amino acid supplements that we have seen come across our site. Amino X Edge has the central aim of boosting your recovery in order to maximize performance. Plain and simple.


    Sure, it has the standard blend of post-workout electrolytes but it's so much more than that. You get 10 grams of muscle building amino acids! Amino acids are the very building blocks of muscle so ensuring that your muscles have them immediately after a workout is critical. (3-5)


    Aside from that, you can a revolutionary line-up of nootropics and energy boosters including Caffeine Anhydrous, Longan Extract, and Lindera Extract.


    Cons of BSN Amino X Edge

    The only issue with Amino X Edge involves the timing of your post-workout nutrition. If you are a nighttime lifter, then you may have an issue with the nootropic and energy blend. For those who work out in the morning or afternoon, you'll be fine.


    Which Supplement Should You Choose

    Both of them are equally great supplements and both work effectively to improve the body's performance as well as assist in the recovery process. The deal breaker for us would be WHEN you work out. As we mentioned above, if you're a night owl, it's best to go with BSN Rebuild Edge because it doesn't contain any stimulants or energy boosters.


    The best thing to do is both of them and see which one works better for you. This would be especially useful if you are someone who performs doubles, or exercises twice a day.




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  • BSN Cellmass 2.0 vs MuscleTech Cell Tech

    There is no doubt that the nutrients that you put into your body immediately following a workout are going to play a huge role in the results that you see in the mirror. Post-workout nutrition has been the center of attention for supplement companies, resulting in some of the biggest brands dishing out incredibly popular products. When recovery is your goal, you need a supplement designed specifically for repair. Let's review two of the biggest names in the industry, BSN Cellmass 2.0 vs MuscleTech Cell Tech, to see which one is worth the buy.


    BSN Cellmass 2.0

    Where can I buy it?BSN Cellmass 2.0


    Pros of BSN Cellmass 2.0

    BSN offers an impressive line-up of pre-workout, intra-workout, protein, and many other categories of supplements but what about post-workout? BSN's response to the post-workout need is Cellmass 2.0. This amino-acid focused recovery drink is broken down into three major categories.


    Recovery Composite

    • Whey Protein Hydrolysate
    • L-Glutamine
    • Glutamine Peptides


    Myogenic Matrix

    • Creatine Monohydrate
    • Creatine HCL
    • Creatine Anhydrous


    Insulino Interfusion

    • Taurine
    • Banaba Extract


    Your body loves amino acids before, during, and especially following a workout. BSN provides you with a unique amino acid blend from whey protein and glutamine peptides. These amino acids may be able to help support recovery and lean muscle growth. Cellmass 2.0 also has three types of creatine. Creatine is an industry classic that may be able to support cellular energy levels, reduce muscle soreness, and boost performance. (1-7)


    Cons of BSN Cellmass 2.0

    Like many companies, BSN uses a proprietary blend. That means, you know what ingredients you're getting but you're not filled in on the dosage of each. This can be problematic because some ingredients only work at a specific dosage and if you're getting less than that dosage, you may not notice any benefit.


    The other issue we have with Cellmass 2.0 is the lack of amino acids. Sure, you're getting some whey protein and glutamine peptides but there is a large spectrum of amino acids that BSN could take advantage of and they don't.


    MuscleTech Cell Tech

    Where can I buy it?


    Pros of MuscleTech Cell Tech

    Cell Tech is an excellent post-workout supplement that has been specifically designed to be used following a workout. First up, you're getting important vitamins along with an electrolyte blend to support recovery. More importantly, Cell Tech gives you the essential amino acids L-Leucine, L-Valine, and L-Isoleucine, which have been suggested in numerous studies to boost recovery, trigger protein synthesis, and support muscle building. Finally, just like with Cellmass, you'll also be getting creatine and taurine. (1-7)


    Cons of MuscleTech Cell Tech

    The only issue with Cell Tech is that we would like to see the amount of essential amino acids be higher. You're getting 2 grams of BCAAs, which isn't bad but it could be a lot better for a recovery drink. One simple solution is to double the dose.


    Other than the amino acids, the only other issue is the artificial flavouring and colouring but if you're no stranger to supplements, you know it's easier said than done getting away from this.



    Both of these supplements are good but for completely different reasons. Cellmass 2.0 from BSN is more of an intra-workout supplement. Sure, you can definitely benefit from it post-workout but given the formula, we'd suggest using this as an intra-workout supplement. Cell Tech from MuscleTech, on the other hand, is the perfect post-workout drink. It contains the right amino acids, electrolytes, and vitamins for recovery. MuscleTech even threw in Alpha Lipoic Acid as a way to increase fat burning and support your fitness goals.


    If you can, we'd suggest buying both. If you have to choose one, think about what's more important to you: intra-workout or post-workout.



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  • What Supplements Should I Take Post-Workout?

    Post-workout nutrition is one of the most important aspects of helping you make progress towards your fitness goals. Without it, you are robbing yourself of some SERIOUS progress.

    But what are we supposed to eat after our workouts? Well, to answer that question, you have understand what is going on in our bodies after a workout is finished.

    The Muscle Breakdown

    During your workout, you are constantly placing stress on the muscles that you have been targeting during your training. As a result, your muscles have been broken down, and are in need of repair.

    So, as you probably already knew, the most important factor in your post-workout nutrition is protein. This allows you to fuel your body with the resources it needs to build and repair muscle, in preparation for your next training session (which should include some form of increased stress, via progressive overload).

    The best way to do this is with a whey protein shake, since it fills your body with high-quality, fast-acting protein. This will make an impact faster than any other form of protein, and is highly recommended for you right after your finish a workout. By doing so, you are taking advantage of the anabolic response your body is currently presenting.

    Now, filling your body with protein right after your workout is great. However, it can still be improved.

    How can this be done? Simple: it's time to combine protein with some carbohydrates.

    Time to Carb Up

    While carbohydrates have become the hated macronutrient in society, it is still widely known as an immensely beneficial nutrient to consume post-workout.

    So, why should you take carbohydrates right after a workout if carbohydrates are so despised?

    After intense exercise, it is known that your glycogen levels are also depleted. Re-filling these is important to give your muscles the energy they need, and carbohydrates are the perfect solution for this.

    In fact, good carbohydrate and protein meals post-workout have been proven to increase the rate of muscle glycogen storage after exercise1. This is because it helps to create a positive insulin response, which is the hormone responsible for the anabolic response your body needs in order to increase in size and muscle mass.

    Now, with this statement, the next question to inevitably come up will be, 'What type of carbs should I be taking in?'

    The answer: You should be taking in a mix of complex and simple carbohydrates. One is meant to fuel your muscles as quickly as possible, while the other is meant to help give you some more energy for a few hours.

    However, carbs are not THAT simple. You see, these are placed on the glycemic index, which is used to measure how the carbohydrates that you just consumed raise your blood sugar levels. When you look at this scale, you should take note of the high GI carbs, as these will have the biggest impact on your insulin levels. With this comes an improved anabolic response, which equals more potential for growth for you.

    One source that is often talked about is adding dextrose into your PWO shake. Dextrose is a form of glucose that is found in some foods, such as honey and fruits. Studies on horses have shown that doses of dextrose upon completion of intense exercise helps to increase the rate of muscle glycogen resynthesis2.

    Other good options to include would be carbohydrates from fruits and oatmeal, as these are both additions that mix nicely into your post-workout shake.

    Fuel for Gains

    Whatever you decide to do, just make sure that you are consuming a good amount of fast-acting protein and carbs upon the completion of your workout. Doing so ensures that you are giving your body the proper fuel it needs to begin repairing NOW, when the potential is at its highest. Without doing so, you are just leaving yourself at risk of reducing your progress significantly.

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  • Post Workout (Recovery) Shake

    This Post Workout (Recovery) Shake is a great tasting protein-rich smoothie made of banana, almond milk and Body Science BSc Whey Protein Isolate to help you recover after heavy training.
  • Effective Post-Workout Supplementation

    Immediately following a high intensity workout, your body is like a sponge where it soaks up nutrients to facilitate cell repair. Therefore, it is imperative to supplement effectively and immediately following your workout. This is particularly important when seeking to build muscle, but also just in recovering from a high intensity workout.

    The first vital aspect to your post-workout supplementation is to consume your protein shake immediately after the conclusion of your workout. This means as soon as you pack away your equipment and go back into the change rooms. Every minute counts - so do not wait 15 minutes to consume a protein shake when you get home. That's 15 minutes of nutrient uptake that you are missing out on!

    Within your protein shake, there should be two key fundamental ingredients:

    1. A high quality, fast absorbing protein powder
    2. A high GI carbohydrate

    The high quality, fast absorbing protein would ideally be whey protein isolate. Whey protein isolate, or WPI, is a whole protein derived from milk and has an extremely high biological value. This means that your body is able to utilise the amino acid constituents of this protein source very effectively. Whey protein isolate is also absorbed very quickly, generally within 30-90 minutes (individual absorption times will vary), meaning that the nutrients contained within can facilitate cell repair as quickly as possible.

    Meanwhile, a high glycemic index carbohydrate is imperative to assist in the uptake of amino acids (which are primarily sourced from the breakdown of the proteins contained within the protein powder). This is because a high GI carbohydrate secretes insulin, which facilitates amino acid uptake within the muscle cells. Glucose, dextrose and/or maltodextrin are highly cost effective options that has an extremely high GI, suitable for post-workout supplementation.

    In addition to these two key ingredients, there are other important ingredients for post-workout supplementation that will enhance your results, especially when seeking to recover and synthesise muscle tissue:

    1. Leucine - A very important amino acid in protein synthesis
    2. Glutamine - The most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue and which has a profound benefit for boosting your immune system
    3. Vitamin C / E - Both powerful antioxidant vitamins to again boost your immune system
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