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  • Dymatize ISO 100 vs. EHP Labs OxyWhey

    What is Dymatize ISO 100?

    Dymatize ISO 100 is an advanced protein supplement that focuses on the fastest digesting forms of protein: hydrolysed whey and whey isolate proteinamino acids they need for repair and recovery.


    One of the best things about Dymatize ISO 100 is the fast rate of digestion and the perfect bioavailability score. A protein source that digests extremely fast AND is almost completely bioavailable with minimal waste is a powerful weapon for post-workout nutrition.


    EHP Labs OxyWhey, on the other hand, is a protein blend. This doesn't mean it's a bad post-workout choice; rather, it can be better utilized at different times. It has several sources of protein, meaning extended amino acid release. This is great for promoting a longer anabolic environment but not as useful when your muscles needed an immediate supply of amino acids post-workout.


    Things to Watch Out for With Dymatize ISO 100

    Aside from artificial flavouring and artificial sweeteners, there isn't much to be cautious of with Dymatize ISO 100. As mentioned above, Dymatize ISO 100 is ideal for post-workout supplementation. You can also use it to kickstart your day with a rapid boost of protein after the 8 to 12 hours you spend fasting each night.


    If you're looking for a protein supplement that can support a longer period of amino acid delivery, a protein blend, like EHP Labs OxyWhey, may be the better choice.



    What is EHP Labs OxyWhey?

    OxyWhey by EHP Labs is a protein blend that also features a fat burning formula. It is a combination of isolate, concentrate, and casein protein. These three types of protein offer three varying rates of digestion, which is important for promoting an environment of repair and growth for a longer period of time.



    • Provides 24 grams of highly bioavailable protein - While it may have a high bioavailability score, it cannot compare with the digestibility of ISO 100
    • Features several fat-burning ingredients such as Green Tea Extract and Chromium Picolinate


    Why You Should Use EHP Labs OxyWhey

    OxyWhey is an excellent protein supplement that features a higher-than-average protein amount per serving, a unique protein blend, and a thermogenic blend. If you are looking for a way to add in extra protein to your diet WHILE you support fat burning, OxyWhey is the ideal supplement for you.


    When it comes to supplement timing, it's important to understand that OxyWhey is going to qualify for nearly every occasion that you can think of with the exception of post-workout nutrition. While you can use it as a post-workout supplement; however, it wouldn't perform as well as ISO 100.


    Things to Watch Out for With EHP Labs OxyWhey

    It's also important to realize that OxyWhey is a protein supplement and NOT a fat burner. Despite the thermogenic compounds within, OxyWhey does not contain the needed dosages of those fat burners to make a real impact. It's great support but not dosed at a level that would promote high level fat burning benefits.



    ISO 100 is designed to be the perfect post-workout protein source. OxyWhey isn't bad; it's just not as great as ISO 100 solely for the post-workout time period. With that said, OxyWhey is ideal for literally any other point during the day or night.


    We would recommend using both proteins. Use ISO 100 to break your morning fast and for post-workout nutrition. Use OxyWhey as a morning snack, pre-workout, or afternoon snack. Together, these two protein supplements will make a huge impact in your results.



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  • Does pre/post workout protein aid in muscle gain?

    It has long been known that the body does not store protein, and excess protein is excreted, particularly while you sleep.
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