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  • What's in Food? Just Calories, Carbs, Fat and Protein?

    When it comes to achieving a particular health and fitness goal, a very common mistake is to focus purely on carbohydrate, fat, protein and calories. These are macronutrients that are very important for your survival in large quantities (hence the name "macro"-nutrient).

    It is true that these specific macronutrients are very important when attempting to lose weight or build muscle. Fundamentally, you require a calorie deficit to lose weight. Conversely, you require a calorie overload to gain weight. Through careful analysis of these macronutrients, you can effectively create a calorie overload of deficit.

    We delve deep into the world of macronutrients in our free seven week course, Conquering Your Body.

    But what about micronutrients? "Micro"-nutrients, as the name suggests, are molecules that our body requires in small quantities. It should come as no surprise that these nutrients are vital for good health and normal functioning of the human body. Yet they can also play a vital role in fat oxidation (fat breakdown) and hypertrophy (muscle gain).

    What are micronutrients? This broad term does encompass vitamins and minerals and I am sure that you have heard the many benefits of consuming a vitamin and mineral rich diet (without going overboard of course).

    But that's not it! There are litterally hundreds of other micronutrients classified as "phytonutrients". They are not necessarily vitamins or minerals per se, but they do carry a range of vital functions within the human body. Phytonutrients have been shown to:

    • Prevent the onset of disease
    • Boost the immune system
    • Kill cancer cells
    • Serve as anti-oxidants
    • Repair DNA damage as a result of being exposed to toxins

    This week, we had an article published which does provide a really good overview of phytonutrients and I do recommend you have a read. The article is entitled "Phytonutrients: The Power of Plants". After reading this article, you'll know why fruits and vegetables are so important, no matter what your goal is!

  • Phytonutrients: The Power of Plants

    Phytonutrients, or phytochemicals are important nutrients necessary in our diet for correct functioning of the human body. Phytonutrients extend beyond the more commonly known vitamins and minerals and as such are not found in a multi-vitamin supplement.
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